Is cum play part of your fun?

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by topper, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. topper

    topper Member

    Other than the fact that we are both 100% sure of being safe, neither of us would engage in cum play.
    We both consider it to be one of the best parts of our fun times together.
    Doing it with a rubber is like sucking on a dildo. Having a big mouthful of hot cum, or a dripping face is a big turn on for both of us.
    How do you other guys feel?
  2. profezzor_x

    profezzor_x Member

    Not sure, haven't tasted it yet, let alone find anyone I'm comfortable with as a regular partner. But I think that if I did have a regular buddy, I would be inclined to taste it, rub it on my cock, or ass for him to top me.
  3. wowzer

    wowzer Member

    me and my bf both love cum. I'll usually let him cum in me when he tops and he rims me afterwards> I love getting facialed also and he likes when i cum on his feet for some reason
  4. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member HipForums Supporter

    yeah, got to be sure each of u is 100% safe, but I love cum-swapping - each sucking each other off and then deep-kissing with a mouth full - great, really sensual and arousing...........

    enough to go a 2nd time....................:)

    Simon :sunny:
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  5. meridianwest

    meridianwest Senior Member

    agreed. sucking cock with a condom on takes a lot out of it. not that i have actually done it like that. just the way it seems. i suck cock without condoms and let a guy cum in my mouth/on my face. it's not that cum is most of the fun of it either. i like to feel the skin of the guy against my tongue/hand. it's essential to me to have that contact. with latex you don't feel anything. so i don't think i will ever start using condoms for oral sex. don't really know anybody who insists on strapping on a condom for a blowjob either.

    the risk of contracting an STD from oral sex is very low if you know your precautions. that means no sucking strange cocks when you have a wound in your mouth, and no eating things that scratch your mouth (e.g. potato chips) close before or after the BJ. the virus, if there is any, won't survive your GI tract. there will always be a risk involved in everything you do in life. you could get killed at work, on the way home, etc. you can't control everything 100%. you gotta know how much risk is too much and how much is negligible for you in relation to compromising some of the benefits of life. I wanna jump off a bridge and i consider the risk of the bungee cord breaking under my weight at the critical moment negligible for that type of 'benefit'.
  6. wowzer

    wowzer Member

    haha yea it is
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