is anyone invovles in poi twirling?...

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  1. I was just wondering is anyone involved poi twirling. I have only recently become invovled, and have know decided to buy a proper set of poi. I have just been using a practice set, however i was wondering how much did people pay for a real set with wicks etc, and what products where they made out of, thanks, COnor.
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    what exactly is it?
  3. poi twirling, originally was a maori tribe ritual. however its adapted into a fire twirling act, instead of a usual fire twirling batton, its a set of two which have wicks on the ends of a metal chain etc. They are similar to bommy knockers, handles, or loops with a chain and then a wick for fire. I didnt think anyone would know what they were, but its worth a try. I hope i described it to you, check out if youre interested, Conor.
  4. fleassy does poi i think
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    i've been spinning fire poi and staff for about four years now. Don't buy pre made poi. Make your own. It's waaay cheaper. Pre made poi cost like a hundred bucks or something. I went to a hardware store with the kevlar I got from home of poi, I think its Kevlar fabric is what you wanna use for your wicks, that way they last forever. I bought a little less than an arm length of chain, you don't want your poi any longer than your arms the longer they are the more difficult they are to use. Then I bought two metal clips with swivels on them(make sure the clips are sturdy). Swivels mean that between the hoop and the lil clip you can turn it round and round( just look at the different clips at the hardware store you'll figure it out). Then I got a coupla largish key rings. Then I got some shortish metal tubes. What you wanna do is attach the chains to the swivel clips. Then drill two holes apeice in your metal tubes, this is where you wanna wrap the kevlar so make sure the holes are less than the length of the kevlar. So you wrap the kevlar around the tubes then drill a screw through the kevlar where the holes are and seal it on with a bolt. Then you attach the key rings to the screw and the chains. The best handles are leather loops but you can prolly use your practice poi handles, put em up where the swivel clips are. Make sure and cover or wet your hair. Have fun!!!! Oh lotsa ppl here do it and know what it is, its more widespread than you think it is. I paid five canadian dollars a foot for my kevlar.
  6. thanks heaps for the advice crystaleyez, how much do you think you paid for all youre material all up???
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    I've always been interested in Poi. I've been to a few outdoor parties and festivals where the spinning has just blown me's insane. Especially with the backround of a lantern festival with this massive tribal drumming's so magical. I've had the opportunity to try it out, it's such a rush..I love it. However Id still like to purchase some practice poi to kind of get more of a feel.
  8. yeah my practice ones are really basic, tennis balls, and string, with some finger loops. Ive had a chance to use a pair of real ones and they are amazing, thats why im interested how mucha nd where people bought their sets from.
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    Yea i spin poi, fire and tail poi. I hate it when people call tail poi practice poi, because they arent practice poi they are tail poi, its a differentg effect all together. a lot of tricks that look almost the same in the dark with fire look completely ifferent with tail poi, also with fire even the simplest tricks look effective where as with tail poi it can all look so bland unless you really try.

    I have quite few sets of poi, i recomend getting some decent Glow poi, they look really good outside at night, especially along side fire spinners because they stand out as something slightly different. However these are quite expencive and i recoment you splash out and get some decent ones because i got some cheap £10 ones which are ok, but they turn off and on while spinning and its quite annoying.
    As far as tailed poi go, i recomend getting ones which have 4 pannels around the ball, they are more airodynamic and the difference to the two pannel ones is really noticable. they are about £15-20 over here.
    Fire pois, make sure you gey the link chains because the wire snake chain and the ball link chains just really dont compare. Single wicks look effective but im hoping ot get some double wicks soon too for that extra firage :)

    Some neat tricks to try with the fire. Wrap the wicks in wire wool (the stuff you use to clean things in the kitches) and light as normal, you get a sparkler effect (mind your hair)
    File down bits of copper and inbed the tiny pieces into your wicks and you will get green flames.

    and final last note, USE PARAFIN. Theres a few different types of parafin, if you get the wrong one it burns hot. The only times ive ever burnt myself and singed my hair was when we bought the wrong parafin, it looks like parafin and has parafin written on it but under parafin is another word (ack ive forgotten what it was) but yea if anyone knows what its called.. avoid it.. ouchy!

    Happy spinning :)
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    I honestly don't understand why anyone would buy fire toys. I guess thats because when I started it was so rare where I used to live that the only way to get them was to pay ridiculous prices over the internet for them or to order the kevlar and make them yourself. For the hardware store materials evrything was super cheap I mean really cheap. Like five to ten Canadian dollars for everything. The kevlar was like 30 dollars I think.

    The wire wool thing is cool. You can get the green effect by mixing borax with methylhydrate too. I'm gonna try the copper bits thing. Where do you get the copper old pipes or wires or something?

    I use kerosene usually. It leaves black marks. meh. For performances I use camp fuel because it doesn't leave black marks or smoke as much, but I hear the fumes are worse than kerosene. that lamp oil Ive used that good.

    I don't think I can build a fire hoop. Does any1 know where I can get fire hoops on the net?
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    I POI with glow sticks and glowing gadgets but could never do fire. Maybe thats because I would set my self on fire :)

    I'm sure you could make a set cheaper then buying a pre made one
  12. yeah thanks guys.
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    hmmm...I always use this liquid to burn grill ..and here is two types: one made from alcohol,second made from parafine....first is really,really bad.Sometimes when I want spinning fire poi and can't find in shop parafine -I use alcohol but it give very small fire.
    Sometimes I use oil to oil pretty good.
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    my m8 is a proper professional, she can do it when their set alight n shit, fuckin scary
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    !!!WARNING!!!- The word "Parafin" means different things in English and American.

    !!!WARNING!!!- The word "Parafin" means different things in English and American.
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    I got a pair of fire poi for christmas from the faithful and they weren't that expensive, i believe. My first pair of tail poi were from that site too, and they were about £15. I think if you're beginning, it's worth buying some before you make your own. then you know what you like, etc. I've seen loadsa people use long stripy socks with tennis balls in the end. It sounds naff, but they look great! I keep meaning to do that myself.

    oh, and i think the paraffin we use in england is kerosene in the US.
  17. yeah im gonna make em myself... buy all the stuff from a hardware shop anfd then get some Kevlar wick as well. cheers for the advice.
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    Whoa thanks MikeE i had no idea....
  19. MikeE

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    In America, "parafin" is a petroleum based wax, used for making candles.

    I beleive that in England, "parafin" is what americans call "kerosene", a thin highly flameable liquid, used as a fuel in lanterns and camp stoves.
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    I've heard Odourless Mineral Spirit as a common name for what you'd want in NZ, but in North America you probably want the purest paraffin you can find.

    There is a great page with more details at mythic fire.

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