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    Two young men had the opportunity, the intelligence, the home life, and the talent to become highly-respected members of their community - lawyers, generals, senators, governors - but instead they turned from conventional society and wound up in jail.
    The first of these young men, in spite of his good upbringing, was continually in trouble with the authorities for disturbing the peace. His favorite targets were religious leaders. His attacks on religious leaders often went no further than name-calling, but at least once resulted in violence on church property.

    This was just the beginning. As time went on, he defied more and more laws. He founded an underground organisation which the government considered so dangerous that it made it a federal crime to be a member. Its leaders were in and out of jail on all sorts of charges from prostitution and drug addiction to inciting riots and conspiracy.

    The second of these young men was a member of that organisation. We may recognize peaceful demonstration as a basic human right, but have you heard about the "nude-ins"? This guy staged one of the first. His own father admitted his son was an unprincipled thief. He was not a draft-card burner - he was a deserter!

    Here are some parallels between the lives of these two young men:

    1. They both came from good families - upper middle-class, no fatherless homes, no divorce.
    2. They both, according to neighbors, kept bad company.
    3. They both rejected their political, social and religious heritage.
    4. They both attracted crowds of barefoot, bearded followers.
    5. They both wound up in jail at one time or another.
    6. They both died with nail-holes in their hands and feet.
    They were Jesus Christ and Francis of Assisi.

    If Jesus drove/walked into town today, what would he do? Where would he go? Who would he identify with? What would he say about our perception of God, our form of worship, our denominational institutions, prominent political and social issues, our attitude toward our neighbours, our spending habits?
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    found a new site there are about 20(?) questions for ya to answer and then the computer tells ya which religions match your beliefs and in what percentage ya believe in the different religions. It was very interesting to look thru.
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    Apathetic Ignoramagnosticism

    You don't have to do anything, just admit you dont know and dont care, but you are spiritual.
    send me your cash, and I will offer the equivalent afterlife rewards of any competitor. And our tithes are just 2 %, which is far less than those other religions demand.
    Join our Discount Warehouse Church of the Holy Profit today.
    We will beat any advertized promise by 5% or your money back.
    I guarantee it.
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    Your Results:

    1. Secular Humanism (100%) Browse Secular Humanism related books. Click here for info
    2. Unitarian Universalism (96%) Browse Unitarian Universalism related books. Click here for info
    3. Theravada Buddhism (96%) Browse Theravada Buddhism related books. Click here for info
    4. Liberal Quakers (87%) Browse Liberal Quakers related books. Click here for info
    5. Taoism (70%) Browse Taoism related books. Click here for info
    6. Non-theist (70%) Browse Non-theist related books. Click here for info
    7. Mahayana Buddhism (69%)

    I took their survey/quiz a couple times. These are the results of my last try. Your results do change a little depending on the importance ya place your answers. The first time I had Theravada Buddhism @ 100%. I never really considered myself very religous but still found the results to be interesting.

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