Introduction to a short story possibly a novel? (sci fi)

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  1. It had been many days months he had last seen home. Private Hansen had just finished basic training in the Galactic Colonization Forces or the GCF for short. Trained in combat, and security detail he was familiar with all forms of weaponry in use by the GCF. Growing up on a small farm right at the state lines of Virgnia, he was amazed and grateful to be able to see things no one else in his town could ever see, but longed for the mountains his father and mother raised him on.

    The GCF is made up of multiple branches, all residing on the same space ship. The branches are, Communications, Construction,Medical,Air Tactical Offense/Defense, and Combat/Security Detail. This however is neither the time nor place to ask about them, because if I were to go into detail, we would run out of room.

    Making his way to the mess hall, he sat down at the table with the rest of his unit. All of them were his friends from basic, itching and rearing to fight should the need arise. Hansen though, was very nervous. He had heard cases of where the planet contained all necessary means of supporting human life, and it was just a matter of getting the ball rolling for immigrants from earth to settle there. Other times the world was already inhabited...and things would get messy.

    Oh boy, did he hope things wouldn't get messy. Hansen had heard tales of horror from the more experienced members of the GCF. Barren fields of nothing but bodies and entrails torn in half, legs blown off by means of alien technology unfathomable at the time, people coming back with strange ailments that had to be quarantined, or worse, killed and then shot out into the vacuums of space .

    Often our soldier would wonder such things as if these inhabitants are aliens. By the very definition, it was he who is the alien. Forcing his way onto their planet by means of brute force and numbers. Crushing them like a tsunami does a small helpless island, and then "civilizing them".

    Looking down at his side-arm, he wonders if he could ever have the courage, nay, be enough of a coward to pull the trigger on an unarmed civilian, or even a child. Getting up and slowly walking to the trash can, he tosses the rest of his mid day meal, barely eating any of it. For the worry was starting to get to him.

    The "colonization", or rather should he say, "invasion" begins tomorrow, and once again he just hoped it wouldn't get messy, for there to be no blood spilled over something as trivial as a piece of land. For now our soldier can remain unsure and hope it goes smoothly, but tomorrow he will no for sure, and if it is anything like most colonization periods...his prayers will have not been answered

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