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Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by borut16, May 25, 2004.

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    I just thought that maybe it would be a good idea if everyone of us told us a little bit of theirselves, so we'd get to know each other better!

    They've got a thread like that in the U.K. forum and I think it's a good idea for us all to get to know each other better.

    Please only post once in this thread so other members won't get confused (if you really want to change something, just edit your post later)!

    Tell us whatever you want to share with other members really (tell us about your interests, post a photo if you want, whatever really)!
    And that's it! :)

    Ok, let me start!

    My name's Borut and I'm from Slovenia (that's a country near Italy and Austria).

    Well, I love i'd like to study literature one day.
    I love poetry the most in literature, but dramas, philosophy and novellas...I like those, too. I like the experimental and avantgarde literature quite a lot, I must say.

    I think these forums are great to improve my English language skills while having fun giggling at posts that silly hippies make, however I've also learnt a lot from other members (the good old ones that don't come here anymore ;) ).

    I first joined these forums by the end of September 2002! Wow, that's quite some time ago.

    As I said I like poetry and I write it pretty much regulary... I like to use the unusual forms, I like crossing it with perfomance, music, drawing, etc, too.
    I like to explore the unseen dimensions of it, however I like writting contemporary sonnets and such, as well.
    I read lots of it, too.

    When I'm older, I'd like to be perhaps a teacher and get my poetry in a book. I also love being around kids and teens.

    I'm a scout, too. Nights at the camps with the guitar and the stars are quite nice.

    I like acoustic stuff, Manu Chao, indie...various things.
    From indie to ska and jazz...many different kinds of music.
    I like more avantgardistic and experimental music, too, and I must say I got quite into jazz lately...

    Some people may think I'm strange, some people may love me, some may think I'm an artist, some may think that /.../. Some people don't think.

    What else is there to be said? I don't know, it's your turn now!
    And if I remember of something else, I'll just add it by editing my post.

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    I'm Peace-Phoenix, though most of you probably know me by now as Sal. I've been around these forums for the past three years and have found a lovely home amongst the amazing people here in the UK community.

    I'm a writer and a student. I'm currently taking a gap year before heading off to Cambridge University in October. Getting into there was one of my life goals. Another is to make a difference in this world, especially through my writing. I love to write poetry and prose. I've had a few poems published and am currently working on a satirical novel, although at present I seem to have a little writer's block.

    Politically I'm very left-wing. I'm broadly pacifistic, and believe in equality for all peoples on this planet. I'm strongly opposed to the evils of capitalism and the encroaching menace of global corporations that are threatening all life on this planet. I'm a strong believer in human rights, universal freedoms, environmentalism and respect for our earth and all things on it.

    I wouldn't say that I am opposed to social labelling as such, in terms of movements and consciousness and ideology, rather fashion labels. Although I'm resistant to those who would claim to be hippies on the basis of the clothes they wear, broadly I feel comfortable being described as one based on ideology. Largely though, I feel that such things do not matter so much as the goals we all strive for. A hippy by any other name would smell just as unwashed!

    Musically I love a lot of 60's and 70's bands such as the Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Byrds as well as more modern artists such as Badly Drawn Boy, the Jeevas. My favourite band, live or on CD, though, would have the be the Levellers! Nothing beats them!

    I love travelling. Going to festivals, demonstrations, gatherings, camps and the like. I don't, as such, see myself as a free spirit. There is much that still binds me to the material world, especially the establishment of my academic life. But I do not see this as a hinderance, rather an enrichment of ideas which I hope to use to set me free, and to help set the world free!


  3. Sage-Phoenix

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    Hi all

    Sage here, a happy girlie currently dwelling in Hampshire with my family and sweet bunny Branwen.

    Of course technically my name isn't Sage. It's just something I picked out a couple of years ago, a spiritual name of sorts.
    My middle name Cerridwen (also chosen by moi) represents my Welsh heritage and interest in history, myth, wiccan type stuff (not that I am one) and probably some other things too.
    Harper is after Harper Lee. She is one of my favourite writers.

    The Phoenix part of my user name is after the family Phoenix, bit of a jokey thing really. I'm a great fan of theres.

    My passion since the age of ten has been writing fiction. I am going to start a media writing degree in October, and seriously intend to make a career writing novels/screen plays/whatever (under the pen name Sage Harper)

    Hippy or not hippy, that is the question.
    Apparently I fit the bill most of the time but ultimatly can't be arssed with whether I am one or not.

    For someone who can't be bothered with categories I seem to fit a lot: Bunny hugger, cynic, feminist, freak, humanist, pacifist, vegetarian....
    They're all just words, and part of the rich tapestry of being me.

    In the future I'd love to move where the sun keeps shining, the weather suits my clothes and the people are wonderful (currently considering Australia). I also plan to be an earth Mama to several children and plenty of companion animals.


  4. maryfairy

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    Hi! My name is Maryanne, I'm 18 yrs old and live in Idaho, USA. I am originally from San Diego, California. And in July I'm moving to San Francisco to live with my aunt and go to college (major in psychology) while also being a political activist. I hope to be a psychologist one day and not charge people a ton because I want to help people who really need the help.

    I like so many different bands, I don't know which is my favorite. I'm bad at narrowing things down into favorites. But I like music that has something to say or is so shallow that it is hilarious. I can't play any instrument. I'm pretty tone deaf, but I guess that's why I listen to the lyrics so much.

    My friends call me a hippy and I don't always like what they think that means. I'm not a deadhead or take acid, nor have I smoked much pot. I do believe strongly in peace, love, and am anti-war and anti-capitalism. And I'm not ever intending on being rich. I want to give my extra money to people who need it. And I idolize Abbie Hoffman. He was what I wish I could be.

    I don't have a religion. My parents wanted me to find myself. I found that religion breeds too much hate in the world for me to like it. I do enjoy hearing what people commit themselves to, though. I guess, if anything you could call my an agnostic Buddhist. though I don't look at buddhism as a religion, but a point of view.

    I'd like to eventually move out of America. To a socialist nation, probably.

    I'm in love with my best friend. He helped me get through every obstacle I've faced throughout high school. I wouldn't be alive anymore if it wasn't for him (I have anxiety/depression problems). But I keep my heart open because in a month we have to say goodbye.

    This is all I can think of right now. If you have any questions, just ask.
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    hey, im becki.

    im 17 years old. i live in england. in the south, by the sea. well not quite by the sea, quite far away from the sea, but not as far as other people who dont live by the sea. lets say about 8 miles away from the sea. costs me £1.90 to get to the sea right now.

    anyway, im a student, yes, im in 6th form at a lovely schoooool studying maths, further maths, physics and music technology. next year im dropping maths coz ive done it all this year in further maths so theres no point in doing it...

    music technology is my reason for being at school these days. id rather like to work in a recording studio in my future life. i wanna be one of those cool guys who make the music sound good through your stereo....

    i play the violin, bass guitar and keyboards. i love music, i love it so much that it could come out my ears. wait thats silly, music goes in through the ears....

    yeah, so. im in a band called *BriAn*, but we havent got together mch recently. too many exams, no one free at the same time. not good. but at least maybe our guitarist could learn some of the songs....

    lalala, what else do i write here?

    hmm, im bored being here. i need to get out and taste something different. so im hoping i do ok and get into university, or at least one i like. there arent many courses that im liking right now. apart from one which is going to take a lot of impressing to get into as i dont have the right grades in my music tuition and cant get them in less than a year.

    im loving the sun rught now, even though i havent really been out much recently. just cant find the energy. my mum thinks im ill, im thinking the same now.

    i love the colour orange. it is the most vibrant, bold colour i feel. it makes me do things, it gives me a reason for doing things and pushes me on. if im having a bad day and i see something orange i feel better and get on with it and everything isnt so grey anymore...

    im bored of writting now. so i shall stop


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    Good day. My name: James.
    It’d be cooler if my last name was Bond, but it’s not.
    You shake my nerves, are you rattle my brain;
    too much love drives a man insane.
    Come along and move me, honey;
    I laugh at love ‘cause I think it is funny.
    I’m real nervous, but it sure is fun.
    I chew my nails and then I twiddle my thumbs;
    ya halt ya rot.
    Coming and going, I’d rather be on road… I’m here at the mo’ so I might as well make the best of it.
    Roller coasters rock… all future technological endeavors should somehow involve roller coasters... (I think I just solved all the world’s problems)
    If yer cool with me than I’m cool with you.
    We should all go swing dancing. Or try to.
    George Bush hasn’t done any thing to me, so I don’t mind him… no one’s perfect.
    Little Steven’s Underground Garage should be on the radio 24/7
    Namaste, punk... quit being mad. Vegetarians are stupid. And some are friendly.
    who am i talking to?

    Oh and:
    Hi! I generalize… and I stereotype. I really do. Why? Because the world is too grand, too diverse… It is not our (or my) duty to examine the individuals, but the species… to remark on general properties and large appearances. I only display the prominent, striking features because I am but one human and unable to define ever other single human. Got it?
    In the past I’ve said things like “'tis swell to see so many clean and sober youths, future leaders and factory workers, so vehemently opposed to narcotics, all the while suckin' on their paxil and big macs, TV and knowledge provided by people who want your money.”
    Of course not everyone sucks on Paxil and big macs, but many people do.... it’s a common generalization. If you don’t take paxil, big macs, watch much tv, then please move on to the next thread, knowing good and well that I am not talking about YOU, much less trying to offend you. If you are offended or feel any personal insult, please, I urge you, explore it to your own benefit. ....

    What else… kill the fucking cows, kill them violently, I don’t care, just make sure hungry people are eating them.
    Joe says kills the fucking Mexicans, then kill the fuckin Mexicans. OR, use your head and realize words only convey messages, it’s up to you to choose what you think is right. Joe’s a good guy because 1000 hippies are boring. You need a war to make things memorable. Diversity is an interesting city, routine is a boring route. Embrace Joe.
    And btw, I’ve met a lot of people in my day, even worked at a couple of newspapers, and if there’s one thing I've learned it’s that no one likes people who correct grammar and spelling. Communicate first and foremost; make it pretty if you’re selling it.
    I love you all, you figments of my computer's imagination: grow your hair long and be free and have sex and drugs and rock and roll, love not hate, I dunno...
    easy, tigers. cheerio!

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    Hey, my name is Sam and I'm 18. I live in Ossining, NY which is just outside of New York City.

    I am the captain of my high school's ultimate frisbee team. As of today our record for this year is 2-6... but we have a bunch of games coming up, so maybe we'll improve. I am also a drummer. I love music and I love playing music. I can jam with my friends for hours...
    My favorite bands are probably the Grateful Dead and Phish, but I also love the beatles and pink floyd... too many other bands to list now.

    I am going to the Macdonald Campus of McGill University in the fall to study environmental science. I want to save the world. Or at least do as much as I can, I think I want to work in the fields of conservation and resource management.

    I am a very strong anti-war activist. I organizer events as well as participate in and volunteer for them. I hate the Iraq war. I love the outdoors. I dont like big cities. I dont believe in any religion, though if I had to choose I would pick Buddhism. I hate war. I hate hatred. I hate how homophobic most of the Us is. I hate people that are mean for no reason. I love music. I love sitting outside somewhere where I cant hear any cars or lawnmowers or anything that isnt natural. I love nice people. I love bright happy colors. I dont like depressing music, it just makes me unhappy. I dont like being unhappy. I am a happy person. :)

    thats all for now,
  8. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

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    Hi, I'm Jesus Christ.

    Yes, this is the second coming.

  9. Edward G.

    Edward G. Edwardson

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    :eek: I'm not good at these things... :p oh well let's see...

    I'm Ed. That's what you can call me. None of this geeky "hey EdwArD G.." stuff, it's ED people! ... thank you.... I am fifteen, female, and live in America. South western North Carolina (middle of nowhere) to be more precise.
    um.... shit... what else... okay I know.

    what people think of me:

    "what a freak!"
    "why doesn't she brush her hair/take a bath/shave/wear those clothes/etc.?!"
    "ew! hippy!"

    what I think of me:

    "what a loser... wow..."
    "mm, I like my smell..."
    "I am NOT a hippy, and you smell like walmart body spray."

    uhhhh I like to make weird faces and noises at people. :D Of course, this got me beat up once but now I know to run and scream really loud. My favorite faces/noises to make are : Mr. Ed face/noise and chick cheeping :D oh yeah, there's this one where I force my voice out and it sounds really weird, kinda like constipated but ridiculously exaggerated... I like to go "UHHH" with that one. hahha :D now I feel like doing that....
  10. Strawberry_Fields_Fo

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    Tor, what is it with you and pretending you're a god?

    Anyway...My name is Kate. I'm 17 yrs old and currently live in the sleep-inducing pit of San Antonio TX. Fortunately for me, I am moving to good ole' San Francisco, CA in August. I will be attending the University of San Francisco and I'm majoring in Nursing. In the future, I hope to start a free clinic in Tanzania, where I will raise my family of all-adopted children (I am a HUGE adoption advocate, mostly due to the fact that I suffer from Tocophobia)

    Until then, my hobbies include writing (currently working on a novel) reading, traveling (the farther away from the US the better) and daydreaming.

    My favorite band is The Beatles, and I also like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Coldplay, Damien Rice, Tom Petty, Kings of Convenience, Ani DiFranco, Alanis Morisette, and Britney Spears (haha...I just put that last one in there to throw everyone off)

    Now, if you're still reading this...

    Politically, I am mixed, although I am definately NOT an anarchist. I consider myself an intelligent libral (as opposed to fanatical, retarded liberals who believe the first liberal idea they hear and who give the rest of us a bad name.)

    I'm an SGI Buddhist, I eat chicken and fish but no other meat (though I can't stand preachy, self-righteous vegetarians), and I'm currently teaching myself the harmonica.

    I'm also a hard core straight-edge (when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Sexually, I am only celebate because the right moment has yet to arrive).

  11. MexicanFlowerChild

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    i think this is a pretty kewl idea to let people know who you are...
    Well ima start off by name is Jorge...I was born in Mexico City...I came to the US when i was like around 8...Right now i live in Houston Tx...I go to Hastings high School (unfortunately)...Im going to be a junior next year...

    My favorite music is mostly spanish rock..but i also love romantic/balads in spanish and love music from 60's and 70's.....never liked much pop or rap...

    My hobbies is mostly walking to the park...if that's a hobby...i like drawing and painting...i listen to music most of the time...and im a very crazy kind of person...most people that meet me always tell me that they taught i was more different than they taught i would be...and that's not all about me but most things...
    Peace and Love...
  12. joe

    joe Banned

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    ah what the hell

    My names Joe
    i am not a hippy nor ever will be one

    I am living in Los Angeles California at the moment,
    I am somewhat of a poet i couldnt care less what i get published or care to get anything recognized

    I hope to write a book about something that i cannot say, i hope to become either a teacher or journalist, and thats about it.

    Peice, Guns and Violence
  13. squeaky.surrealist

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    :D hweeelllooo fellow dewwlleerss
    im Pallavi from india!
    i go to an art coll here and some day plan to become an animator..!!!
    im not really a hippppyyy.... hippy!

    i'm pisces, i like to read, music!!!,travel, im addicted to snakes on my cell!!!, i love to watch movies, i love art!! i love tosketch, my fav artists - van gogh & michelangelo!
    music- led zep,hendrix,floyd,ozzy!!!...and the likes..
    wat else???
    so longggg
  14. MichaelByrd1967

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    I was an old poster on the old Hipforums, but this new system I like a lot better. It's nice to meet some new people on a new Hipforums.

    I just wanna start right out by saying, I love life, I love music, I love peace, I dig love, I dig emotion, I love spirituality and I dig sexuality. We all should embrace the very fabrics of our individualities...

    That's what everybody should express more of now on the new Forums.

    Thank you very much for your time.
  15. majorhemp

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    hello my name is eric and i'm an alcoholic. no not really, i'm in sunny florida. i enjoy music, playing my drum, going to the beach, going to the beach, going to the beach, and going to the beach.
  16. jerry420

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    my name is Jeremy, i live in upstate NY in the Adirondack park, i am a jack of all trades kind of lol. i love music and im a dyslexic. i play guitar and some piano. i like the 60's and 70's era music the best.
  17. BraveSirRubin

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    Well, I feel like sharing, so this is me:

    Name is Pavel Rubin Zuitchinkov

    I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia, move to Israel with the large jewish immigration of '91. I lived in a trailer park in Israel from '91-'96, until we bought our won house in Karmiel in 97'. In '98 I moved to Honduras, because of a job opportunity my mother got. I have been living here, in La Lima, Honduras for for the last 6+ years.

    I fluently speak, write, and read English, spanish, Russian, and Hebrew.

    I have an endless list of hobbeys, so i'll just write the major ones here:

    I play the accustic/ classical/ electric guitar, and the piano. I read alot, write alot of poetry, and critical essays. I enjoy photogrophy, thinknig, socializing with people...i literaly have more than 500 aqaintances in my area... so i am never lonley (unless i want to be so). I love traveling, been to most of Europe, the middle east, central america, US.... etc... I love art, draw at times, go to galleries, really influenced by Dali and El Greco's facial expresions (not his idiotic repetative religious themes)

    I want to become a teacher, so that i'll be able to travel, and like Borut said, affect lives and pass on knowledge.

    I still do not know what i want to teach, but i'm leaning towards a teaching career (or just a career) in Philosophy, English, or psychology.

    Politicly, I am mixed, like Strawberry_Fields_Forever, and also consider myself an "intelligent libral" with some concervetive thoughts though. Probebly closer to Libertarian, but i'd rather not label.

    I am not religious, but do enjoy buddhist philosiphy. I take the best out of every religion, mixed with my dominant thoughts, and make my own concepts and views of the world.... this is why i do not label myself as an "athiest".

    I used to be quiet the alcoholic and several substance addict during my "clinicly depressed period"... yet, I stoped, and now i am exteremly energetic and happy. I am what you might call a very "opionated and unpredictable" person. I am very affable, and am very warm. I'm a wonderful listener ,and can give anyone advice in anything. I am affectionate, and carrying.

    I do not believe in world peace, it's imposibe, and contradictory of human nature. I do not belive in free love, it's idiotic, best way to spread HIV and other STDs. I do not belive that Bush is the worst president in the US, All presidents during the Indian American War, and prior to that were much worse.

    Musicly, I mostly like Russian music, yet, in Englsih, i like Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground, Bowie, Beatles, Dylan, and alot of others, yet again, i'm more oriented towards world music.

    I will go to college in the US. I'm thinking about a couple of schools, but, basicly, it will all come down to the school that gives me the best scholarship.

    If you want to know more, ask, msn me ( ... just please respect my "i won't talk to 15 year old or younger hippy self stereotyping idiots".


  18. Mr.Moon2

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    Im John Moon.
    I was born in St.John, New Brunswick. I then moved to Houston Texas, then I moved to Coquitlam, British Columbia. I then Moved to my current residence, Chester, Nova Scotia, however soon I shall be going back to B.C. I'm 15 years old. I truly "experiment with drugs" except perhaps nicotine and amphetamine which I abuse, unfortunately, through my own idiocy.

    My family, like most others, is dysfunctional. No surprise there.

    Many people think I'm spiteful, cold hearted, and mean spirited. Well you're probably right. But I like people, personally, even if they don't like me back.

    I'm not specifically into any sports, I don't dress in any perticular style. I don't belong to a clique, but it's quite easy for me to travel between them. I'm supposedly a genius or bordering on it, however I seriously doubt it, I find intellectuals follow uniform too much.

    Yep I'm pretty damn average, heh.
  19. Strawberry_Fields_Fo

    Strawberry_Fields_Fo RN

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    **rolls eyes**

    Well, if your a god, then I am now satanic.
  20. Dilapidated

    Dilapidated Member

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    lmao, I do that too. It pisses people off. FUN!

    Anyway. Hi, I'm Lindsey and I'm 15 years old and I live in Illinois and that was a run-on sentence and I don't really care. I lived in New Hampshire up until I was 14. Moving sucks balls. My mom has been married/divorced a bunch of times so I have kinda a warped perception on father figures. I don't get along with my stepdad. I have a sister and a sister. Well, a half sister and a step sister.

    Umm... at the moment I hate my life because I forgot my pill today. Yep.

    I'll be in 10th grade when summer's over and I'm taking stupid classes. Except for Photography, Driver's Ed, College English 2, Spanish 2 and World History. So pretty much the only stupid class is Geometry. I hate math and science only because I don't understand them.

    OOH! I like going to Wal Mart to buy things. Like today I bought duct tape and shampoo, neither of which I needed. I think it's an illness.

    I have no people skills at all. I'm mean, too. I often cry for no reason.

    I think I want to be a psychologist when I grow up, but since all my other ideas have proved to be wrong, why not give up on that one too?

    I like to write. I try to write. I suck at putting my ideas into words though which is terrible because my head feels like it's going to explode at times and I can't get it out. I think it needs an enema.

    I'm wearing a really tall hat right now.

    I have no self-confidence, -respect, -esteem, or -worth. I guess you could say I'm unconfident, disrespectful, esteemless, and worthless.

    Sometimes I get this dillusioned feeling that I don't exist. Like right now. Whatever.

    Um... I like the colour pink. Hot pink to be exact. But I always wear black because I'm poor and can't afford shirts to wear. I'm a negative creep.

    I like this smiley: xD ...I just think it's so happy looking.

    It wouldn't take me long to get hooked on drugs.


    Bah! I LOVE PENGUINS! How could I forget?! I have a shrine of them in my bedroom. They're GRRRRRREAT!!!

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