Intoxicating Cultural Vices: Real-world economics and intoxication

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    Unless you're a business owner-and-organiser, you can't be intoxicated, especially if you live-and-breathe through-and-under the english/british/anglo-saxon-celtic/five-eye/anglospheric world on either both or either alcohol and/or thc-based marijuana, only tobacco and/or cbd-based marijuana (which you'll still test positive for a trace amount of thc, whether cbd-based marijuana is prohibited/banned/illegal/illicit/unlawful/criminalised or legal/licit/lawful, so best to get it on prescription, so you cover yourself legally/licitly/lawfully and financially).

    Anyway you shouldn't fully orally inhale via the practice of smoking and via the practice of herbal/botanical/plant vaping, but I'd fully orally inhale via the practice of liquid vaping and via the practice of dabbing, regardless of whether it's tobacco or marijuana, otherwise you also inhale the tar residue, which you should be aware of since it's become part-and-parcel of bare-basic biological-chemistry or just bio-chemistry besides it's become bare-basic neurological-chemistry or just neuro-chemistry.
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