Intimate Simultaneous Vomiting WTF

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Children of Bodom, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. Children of Bodom

    Children of Bodom Senior Member

    OK i was sleeping next to my girlfriend and i had this dream. She was starting to get sick. I noticed this so i got her a bucket. She first proceeded to puke into the bucket while i watch for a minute. I start to feel ill and then i start puking in the same bucket. We are puking together and our streams of vomit are merging together like in a valvoline commercial. THe weird part about it was that it felt more like an intimate dream rather than a gross dream. I told a couple people about it and they think im crazzy!!

    Anyone have any insight or similar experiences??
  2. MiddleSista

    MiddleSista Member

    two peas in a pod! true love, maybe? Sounds weird but god knows all the strange dreams that i've had that i couldn't even begin to explain..:D
  3. It means that you better each other. Vomiting is expunging that which we don't need, so because you were both vomiting together, it means that the two of you have a mutual betterment. I would say that this is a very positive dream.
  4. novarys

    novarys Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    this is off subject but i notice you live in dayton. :) i live in miamisburg. nice to see someone on here from dayton. :)
    k, thats all
  5. Jabbawaya

    Jabbawaya Member

    Happens to the best of us.


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