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    Treat one as they are, forget not- human, yes
    Disposable for more, kept close for warmth
    Cascaded feelings flowing into a more bountiful body, diffused-diluted
    Prized and a blunder, I am one as you are each others
    Segmented and withering- acknowledged and pilfering, waiting for the cliff to lean- fall
    Touted dismay within, a confident sulk
    Gravitate to hallowed truths, forget others which pain
    Caution gifts for they will be lost, soiled, trampled, turned
    Neutralize with the earth, it is sustenance- it is lasting
    Congregate your base, cover the faults- step
    Goad faithlessness- pelt fearfulness- tromp the night
    Feel and breathe- return home
    Spill and heave hurt- rise, see- cradle your stone, lay beneath and shed

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