Interesting article about living in Alaska-

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by KevinH, Jan 29, 2009.

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    Nice article. I'm glad I am on the road system and can drive into Fairbanks every couple of weeks to get food. One thing to notice is she was able to call home on a telephone .....that's what I've done for the last few decades is to povide telephone service to villages and the bush in Alaska.
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    :eek: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im never moving to alaska..i mean ,,wow,even living self sustaining one needs some supplies,if they are as expensive as that list.

    example,coffee creamer here, 3 lbs a lil over 3 bucks,jar of mayo 2.50

    no fuckin way..
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    My first reaction to this was, "It's nice that she can just go shopping as needed." My location (in the Alaska bush) does not have that option. As to the cost, I pay normal city prices, but must charter a plane to bring everything to the homestead - add about 30 cents a pound to the price of the groceries in winter and about 50 cents a pound in summer (float planes cost more).

    Welcome to reality.

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