Instruments of Peace and Prayer to Sri Rama

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    Instruments of Peace

    Are we crazy
    To long so deeply
    For just one glimpse?
    Oh sparkling Light,
    We are so sad, beaten, and battered by the world
    But the hope of Your love,
    How could we not practice austerities?
    Sacrificing is a joyous occasion at the thought of You
    Your strong, yet gentle touch
    Graceful hands that hold the flute of our lives
    Oh, gentle breath, breathe Your goodness into us
    May we be instruments of Your peace

    Prayer to Sri Rama

    Oh Sri Ramachandra
    Righteous one
    Exile yourself not from our hearts
    Oh how Kaushalya must have wept
    At the loss of your beautiful face
    As Ravana stole Sita
    So ignorance steals our devotions to your feet
    Oh dear Ram
    Make us like your darling wife Sita
    Serving you always
    Make us like your noble brother Lakshman
    Defending righteousness
    Make us like your great servant Hanuman
    With you as the main jewel of our hearts
    Ramachandraji, beloved King
    Leave your golden throne, O warrior
    Come to the forest of our material world
    Dwell among us, O protector of Dharma
    Guide us with your gentle love

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