Insomnia & eating

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by marywasaperv, Jan 28, 2005.

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    Do you guys know what the connection is?
    Is not eating enough a possible cause for it?

    A month ago, I started having trouble sleeping & I just associated it with the fast I was doing at the time.

    Now I've started eating healthily again, am not concerned with losing weight anymore, yet I find myself twisting and turning in my bed for 10 hours each night.

    I feel exhausted. What's going on?
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    find out what kind of restlessness you have, is it physical or more mental? If it's mental, try to get tired by reading a lot, or in some other way using your mental side. Decide to get REALLY tired, activate yourself...
    I've been through the same thing, I know the feeling of exhaution. I do not envy you, I know it's very very... yes u know. You have to brake the "bad circle": your are too tired to really activate yourself in the day, but then your mind is restless at night. Try to find something that you enjoy, and make an effort to do it every day: it could be anything: sport/yoga/reading/ doing things!
    I wish you good luck!

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