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Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by tekpainter, May 12, 2004.

  1. tekpainter

    tekpainter Member

    I have decided to start my indoor growing cultivation. Now I have to order the seeds, some people suggest me Norther Light species, I'm interesting in some suggestions from Hip Forums Users.
    For my worst situation :( (see )
    I need some fast growing and big yield plants.
    If some of you also have find a good seed's dealer please tell me your experiences.
    Many thanks from Italy.

  2. Fishndude

    Fishndude Member

    It all depends on your setup.I use a SOG and at the moment have some sweet Hash plants growing.With two 1000w HPS lights I can grow 50 to 60 plants at a time with a 6 week start to finnish.If this is your 1st indoor grow I would say u should check out lots of real good FAC's there.You can check out my gallery there to,same handle Fishndude hope that helps even a little.But without knowing what kind of setup u have I wouldnt want to give u crappy advice.Happy growin dude
  3. tekpainter

    tekpainter Member

    Yes it's my first indoor growing. I'm planning to grow my plants in a box that already have. That's a componible closet used for exhibition (measures: h2.50, w1.05, d0.55) with shelves adjustable in height. I think to make two section for different stage of growing. The light probably will be fluorescent, to contain the electricity costs.
  4. bobfirechief

    bobfirechief Member

    Your first step should be to buy a Metal Halide ( HD ) or High Pressure Sodium ( HPS ) light . Without a quality light your buds will be weak and fluffy and probably not worth harvesting . I've seen so many good plants ruined because the grower did not have adequate lighting .
  5. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    bob, i know many people who use flouros their entire grow and get decent yields. you really dont need an HID light unless you plan on growing a lot. cheap and free seeds with every order.
  6. thechronic89

    thechronic89 Member

    u need a hps light to produce fat thick buds ....but u can do the same with flouros but it takes alot of em ..i would just get a cheap 400w light from
  7. nesta

    nesta Banned

    there is only one species of marijuana, Cannabaceae cannabis, with subspecies being indica, sativa, and ruderalis (although generally treated as seperate species of the cannabis plant, this is technically untrue). there are different varieties of these subspecies called strains, which can be any of these subspecies or a hybridization of them. Northern Lights, for example, is an indica strain.
  8. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    No, one way to produce fatty buds would be to use a light with the red spectrum. One of the main things you need for flowering is the light intensity. The more light intensity you have, the denser buds you have. You don't need a hps for flowering, you could use a high wattage, red spectrum flouro.

    I've ordered bug bud, white rhino, and bog lsd from SeedsDirect and gotten skunk #1 and who's y daddy as freebies. The who's y daddy is a pretty good plant considering it was a freebie. They are discreet and fast.
  9. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    Thanks for clearing that up. I was cringing everytime I head the guy said species when he meant strain.
  10. meangreen

    meangreen Senior Member

    Any dominate indica .Do not use a fluoro for flower,hps is the most valued spectrum for flowering if you want yield.Hps emit more in the infrared range and mimic late summer evening sun(the light most prevelent to flowering plants indoors).Good luck

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