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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by rasta-moose, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. rasta-moose

    rasta-moose Member

    I live out in northern indy, basically this is the BEST weed thats possible to find in my area, kinda sad but heres some pics, sorry if the quality is bad.

  2. rasta-moose

    rasta-moose Member

  3. nesta

    nesta Banned

    i've heard you folks can't get shit for good weed out there and its expensive...i knew a guy a while back who knew a few kinds in indy who would pay enough money for actual good pot that he'd make a trip out there every month or so and sell them a couple ounces or something to sell among themselves. he was able to make enough cash that it was still worth driving all the way from columbus ohio to do this.

    i've also heard from people i know living in indiana that good pot is super hard to find (unless you know a grower personally) and it is rediculously expensive...

    course its gotta be there somewhere, these are just the kinds of things i've heard about indiana in general, especially indianapolis.

    anyway, the pics really aren't clear enough to REALLY judge, but i'd doesnt look amazing at all. looks like some average middies or something. i wouldnt be above smoking it, though.

    i've had trouble finding weed myself lately. i got the first bud i have in a long time as a gift from a friend tonight, and its just about similar quality as the looks of that, but just one small bud. i haven't smoked anything but resin in a long time...

    just a little of this is doing the trick :D

    shoot, i'm glad i moved from the shithole that is fort wayne when i was a little kid, but i want to get out of columbus, too.

    but first i want to finish college, and i hope to be accepted as a transfer to IU next year in bloomington. hopefully good weed will be easy to find there (bloomington seems like an easy enough town in which to find it)
  4. rasta-moose

    rasta-moose Member

    fort wayne? actually I live real close, and they do have some good bud there, thats not a shithole haha : 0 thats where i have to drive to to actually get decent bud yeah I have heard bloominton has very good weed, and your be on campus which is the greatest place to find weed, so if you actually move out here you should hit me up priv. msg me or something im sure ill still be around on here by then, and i'll have to drive down to smoke out with you, and you can introuduce me to some good contacts out there
  5. Adamist

    Adamist Member

    Shit, you've gotta be kidding me! [​IMG]

    I live only an hour south in Bloomington and YES the "chronic" is always in abundunt supply, not to mention good quality beasters and homegrown mids. ( chronic is $50 an 1/8th, mids $25) It's easier to find good bud here than where I used to live in Florida! Sure Florida is flooded with pot, but much of it is shitty brick weed, unless maybe you live in a big college town. (That is usually the key to finding good quality buds in good supply).
  6. Zoonjoo

    Zoonjoo Member

    ya india sucks...

    too bad for you indiana folk.
    for us down here in FL we've got cuba and mexico shipping in some real good shit
  7. its all a matter of who ya know... no state has better or worse weed than the next... ya just gotta be in the "know"

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