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Discussion in 'Marijuana Price Watch' started by skate4element81, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. here's a list of approximate costs for different kinds of goods.

    Northern Indiana Prices

    bunk weed(low quality) - $60/Oz.
    mids ------------------- $80-130/ Oz.
    dank ------------------- $150 - 350 and up/Oz.
    - chronic -------------- $50/quarter
    - Cotton Candy -------- $160/half
    - White Rhino ---------- $80/quarter
    - Hydro ---------------- $ 45/quarter
  2. Bonkai

    Bonkai Later guys

    that's weird your bunk weed is expensive but your good shit is cheap, Weed compared to Houston prices.
  3. yeah i sorta was guessing on bunk prices, lol partly cuz i never ever buy bunk shit. i figured down in Texas all the shit would be so much cheaper cuz you live in a better growing environment, and plus since your down by the border, shit probly gets imported all the time doesn't it? im not sure but thats what i thouhgt
  4. Bonkai

    Bonkai Later guys

    Well you are kinda right. Yeah TX does get alot of imported stuff from mexico but usually it's nasty brick weed and brown like bobby brown. That stuff can go for as low as $20-$40 an oz and $200 a pound if you buy 5 or more. However most people round here want that nice green like Al Green. so mid/some dank schwag can go for $50-$80 a oz, chronic/name brands go for $50-$70 an 8th.

    However if you are visit TX and you really want to get some good stuff, hit up Austin they have the best stuff in TX and it's a bit cheaper too. Just got some cali and ice bud for $45 an 8th each.
  5. damn dude thats nice. so mids are 50 an o down there? but yeah the good shit seems expensive as hell up there. but yeah i got two good hookups on chronic and dro. i think normally it would go as 60 a 1/4, but i can get it for 50
  6. supersmoker08

    supersmoker08 Member

    i kno this is an old thread but where at in northern in are you?
  7. nerdayasian

    nerdayasian Member

    in munster we pay 90 and ounce for mids, 360 for an ounce of dro, and 30 a gram for any specific high quality strains
  8. KrazyJuggalo

    KrazyJuggalo Member

    pssh, central,IL pay 20 gram for any hydro, 30 an eitgth for mids, 20 for bunk, 70 is a half of mids, 60 a half of bunk, an ounce for hydro can cost anywhere from 320- up to 410.. Depends on what it is and all..
  9. KrazyJuggalo

    KrazyJuggalo Member

    BTW, I would rock some Nike's with Ron Paul, b4 I would with Obama.. Trust me, I live in Illinois, I wanted to throw tomatoes at em..
  10. yeah its the same here in missouri

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