Indian-Origin Catholic Priest Stabbed In The Neck In Church In Australia...

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    In a racist attack, an Indian catholic priest, Tomy Kalathoor Mathew, was stabbed on the neck in a church in Australia when he was about to give mass. The assailant was a 72 year old Australian who told the priest that he was an Indian, and hence should not be saying mass.

    The news has come as a shock to India's 30 million strong Christian population. Bishop Mar Remigiose Inchananiyil of Thamarassery diocese in India spoke to the injured priest over phone. "It was a miraculous escape. Tomy Kalathoor Mathew said that he could escape from the knife attack only due to God's grace as he had worn special robes for the mass in addition to thick clothes. The knife didn't go deep and just injured the neck muscles," Abraham Kavilpurayidathil, chancellor and spokesperson of Thamarassery diocese, told the press. The injured priest was rushed to hospital and treated for the wounds to his neck. He was later discharged.

    Mathew has been parish priest of the Melbourne church since late 2014 and Thamarassery diocese authorities said he would continue his duty as priest at that church.
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    Thankfully he survived.There are some sick fucks in this world of all denominations and none.
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    Sounds like a senile old man going back in time!

    So sad when they end up lashing out.. Thankfully he wasnt hurt!

    The old person needs sympathy too..He has probably been a law abiding citizen all his life, and his brain is affected by news and fear!

    If it hadn't been a priest, i wonder if we would have heard about this at all?
    If the old man had been 18, wow, what they would have made of it then!!!

    Racist! Probably sinelity is more to blame, or a bet that priest would have been dead!

    No it's not right! Again care in the community, care of the elderly..Etc etc!
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    Don't trust people above 70. They WILL stab you.
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    I read one article that the priest was stabbed by an Italian man, and not an Australian man. I read another article which stated it was not clear that this was a racist attack. I read another article suggesting the attacker was Lebanese Muslim.

    All we know is the man is 72 years old who attacked the priest.
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    I saw another article stating he was Muslim and hated Hindus. The religious climate in India between Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist, is not stable,

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