Discussion in 'Music' started by praying4peace, May 15, 2007.

  1. praying4peace

    praying4peace Member

    I just want to say how much I freaking love incubus. i coulnt love a band anymore. there music makes me smile and feel great, their lyrics are amazing and ahhhhh..... i just love them. so much.
    incubus is my world.
  2. Natz

    Natz Member

    im feelin ya sister!
  3. Hell yeah! Incubus rock.....Brandon Boyd is like the model of a perfect man!!

    Mmmm....Brandon Boyd

    Jeff Buckley is still the most incredible man that ever lived though!
  4. mortes

    mortes Senior Member

    YEa incubus are pretty fucking awesome. I still can't get enough of make yourself and s.c.i.e.n.c.e
  5. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    make yourself is an awesome fucking cd...i also like a crow left of the murder
  6. Freekowtski

    Freekowtski Member

    And are you the most incredible woman, too? I'm sure you are! hahaha!

    Ok... Jeff Buckley, great great great man. But Eddie Vedder is on an upper level! :p
  7. praying4peace

    praying4peace Member

    yeah! a crow left of the murder is my most palyed album. i think ive played it more than anyone in the world. i dont even think i ever turn it off =]
  8. primalflow

    primalflow Member

    incubus on shrooms-from Fungus Amongus"]Incubus - Psychopsilocybin - YouTubefunk+metal+jazz+smooth vocals+shrooms="]Incubus - You Will Be A Hot Dancer - (Enjoy Incubus version) - YouTubeshroomified video"]Incubus - Take Me to Your Leader - YouTubeand shroomiest of all"]Incubus - Hidden Track - YouTube

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