Increase in sex drive in 30's?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by bekkie, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. bekkie

    bekkie Member

    I was never oversexed, especially in my 20's, but since just after my last birthday, when I turned 34, my libido seems to think I'm 19 again.

    Did anyone experience an increase in their sex drive when they were in their 30's or at another age? Or did you experience a decrease at some point in life?
  2. YouCanTrustMe

    YouCanTrustMe Average Size Member

    I’ve had a high libido since puberty (typical guy!). But I have to say that it slowed down after the birth of our first (I was 29) and it stayed that way until after our twins were about 4 (when I was around my mid-30’s). But from late 40’s up to now, I have been extremely sexed up. My wife tries her best, but going through menopause has really slowed her desire down big time. But she keeps things moving along for my benefit. What a woman!
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  3. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack Member

    I hope other women in your age group will step in here and answer your question.
    Having said that.
    I have had the opposite effect. When I was in my 30’s I was working my ass off to raise a family. It was just routine. Fast forward to now. We are retired and the honey moon hasn’t ended yet, however we have sex primarily for our own personal health.
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  4. olderndirt

    olderndirt Member

    Yes. My wife and I hit kind of a boring phase in sex, until I told her she was free to do whatever she wanted. After the first adventure with another man (just fingering under a table in a bar), our sex life got exciting again. The 30's were fantastic, as both of us experienced a surge in our sex drives.
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  5. Michael1985

    Michael1985 Member

    My libido comes and goes. Some days I can go a while without needing release, other times I need it much more frequently. I sometimes think the latter is due to wanting sex and not simple masturbating.
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  6. Michael1985

    Michael1985 Member

    Your boyfriend must enjoy that a lot. :D
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  7. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack Member

    Bekkie, Maybe you have found some confidence in expressing your sexual desires with your lover(s). Could have been hidden away. Anyway, Good for you.
    Also, ask yourself what have you changed. Exercise and diet will empower you. A happy and open personality has big effect on your sex drive.
  8. bekkie

    bekkie Member

    @Michael1985 and @Panama Jack He's a little older than I am and has recently given up a certain substance, so his libido these days is a little behind mine and he jokingly tells me he's afraid I'll rape him when he's turned around. If he wants me to, I will. haha
    But he seems to enjoy it, too - knowing I want him and everything.
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  9. lmm00

    lmm00 Member

    I’m 35 and have recently experienced a huge increase in my libido. I think mine has more to do with hormones and birth control rather than age.
    But yes, I know the feeling. I’m literally almost always horny. I love it for the most part but sometimes it’s a pain. My husband now has a slightly lower drive than me so I feel frustrated occasionally (like right now lol).
  10. Panama Jack

    Panama Jack Member

    Is h
    Just askin...Is he a workaholic? Tired all the time? Does he have other interest? Is kids taking over your intimacy? I know when I was younger my sex drive was not on equal with my then wife. I was working my ass off to provide for financial needs. I found that was what I was suppose to do. My sex life was in the pits.
    Just say’in.
  11. lmm00

    lmm00 Member

    No to all of that. I honestly shouldn’t even complain. He’s probably still considered high drive. We have sex at least every other day usually. I just have a super high drive right now so I want it all the time. I masturbate a lot but I prefer sex with him.
  12. Lady Shadow

    Lady Shadow Art is But a Shadow of the Divine Perfection

    My libido was out of control my whole life and now that I am approaching 40 its dying down, so I am going to weigh in and say I am the opposite.

    I don't need it or even want it as much as I did years ago. I think I am sexed out, if that's even a thing, lol.
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  13. My libido peaked sharply in my mid to late thirties.

    I'd had a fairly pedestrian sex life up to the age of 35. The change was down to an amazing affair with an older woman who had a very powerful sex drive and could multiple orgasm almost every time. I counted having sex with her six times in one afternoon session, something I hadn't even realised was possible. She said it hadn't been like that with her ex-husband either. For some reason we triggered something in each other that our respective partners had failed to do.

    I have often wondered if it was down to time of life or just having the right partner.

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