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    Assholes, you have enough assholes, like me, I have assholes at my work, they talk & talk, ramble you know? Oh look he's chit chating about shit. They put it in the hole where it filters about.

    Be graceful you have a job Mr.

    I'm in maintenance, I use brooms, buckets, floor machines, ahh yes, even dust pans. You see I have this, what you call it?


    They take my dust pans, (without asking if I may add) to other departments in the store where they work. Obviously when I go to my little maintenance room I find a unique way of not having any dust pans, so when I walk over to their departments to retrieve them the Assholes accused me of stealing, & that I need to "Ask permission" before taking, though it's the same fucking pan that I was just using exactly one hour ago.

    The bitch Manager Sue whom works at the pizza shop, she actually made me ask for permission.

    I didn't have a pan, sO I decided to tell the manager on this bullshit.

    He responded by speaking of words to shit happens (Not in that way of course)

    Since I didn't have the manager on my side I decided to take the law of the store in my own hands.

    You got to do what comes respectable To do

    So I took all the dust pans the next day from all the departments in the early morning before the workers got in. I had many of them ask me where they were, I handed them out in Nazi fashion.

    When Sue came along from the pizza place to ask me where a dust pan was, I nicely responded, "There probably in Isle 9." That's where the store sells them, unfortunately non of the staff can use. (laughs)
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    thats just brilliant
    a shining moment for u ;)
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