in town for the cup this year :D

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by underground04, Jun 2, 2007.

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    was hoping to attend the cannabis cup this year and i was wondering a few things

    -where is the actual event held at? i tried the official site and i couldnt find anything about location

    -any specific shops worth mentioning? im looking to get the best smoke i can for my money

    -im going to stay in a hotel on raadhuisstraat (right by dam square) will i have time for any coffee shop crawling?

    id really appreciate some input from anyone who's been to the festival or even familiar with the city : D
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    From High Times site:

    "The 20th Cannabis Cup will feature the inductions of Cheech and Chong into the Counterculture Hall of Fame. A number of pot comedians will be performing at the event. The Expo will be held at the Powerzone, one of Amsterdam's largest and most comfortable night clubs (capacity 3,000 people). The Powerzone is located near Amstel Station. The closest 5-star hotel is the Okura.

    Opening Ceremonies will be held on Sunday, November 18 at the Powerzone. The Awards Show will be held Thursday, November 22 at the Melkweg. Bands and other performers will be announced soon."

    Your hotel is centrally located and you should have plenty of time for coffeeshop crawling.

    On November 19 & 20, moe. will perform at the Melkweg, but it seems you will need to buy an extra ticket for about 26 euro.
  3. underground04

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    wow, i cant believe i didnt notice that.... *Feels burnt*
    anyone have some advice for someone taking their first trip to (and in lol) the dam?
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    Stay out of the bicycle lanes and watch out for dog sh1t.
  5. underground04

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    *laughs* ill try! though ill be so stoned the whole time ill prolly end up with bicycle bruises and shoes caked with dog shit. thanks guys
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    Your hotel is within "stumbling distance" of several fine coffeeshops...

    My favorite near the Dam is Abraxas. Great brownies and shakes!
  7. AncientHippie

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    Folks on bikes in Amsterdam have no mercy.
    Bicycles are serious transportation there.
    It's good advice to be careful of them.
    The seem to have no problem running people over.

    Be careful also, of canals at night.
    It's easy, when stoned, to fall into one.

    From what I understand, The Grey Area coffee shop
    has some of the best weed in town.

    Be polite. The Dutch are big on that.
    They will usually treat you politely in return.

    If you break something,
    either on purpose or by accident,
    you might be in trouble.

    As mentioned earlier,
    your hotel is centrally located.
    Anything and everything
    that an 18 year old American male could want,
    is within easy reach.

    Don't rent a car (if you were thinking of doing so)

    If you drink beer, I suggest that at one point,
    You drink an Amstel, while sitting by the Amstel (river).
    To me, it just sounds cool to say you've done that.

    Shrooms are legal. You can buy them in Smart Shops.

    If you get nice weather, spend a few hours
    in Vondel Park. It's so Chill, you won't want to leave.

    One thing you might like about Holland,
    is that The Price is The Price.
    What I mean by that, is that when you see a price,
    in a restaurant, or a bar, or whaever,
    that is the price you pay.
    There is never tax, or a surcharge or anything.
    And people in the service industry do not expect a tip.

    Man, I sure do miss Holland.
    I hope you have a great time.

    Any questions or whatever, PM me.

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