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    "In The Pink" Productions is currently on the rise! And, this is a good thing. How many of us are sick of the same cliched oft-told gay-stories over and over in films made especially for us? they are always plagued with stereotypical characters, sickness, cheating boyfriends and the other horrors we would all really like to just escape.... With this in mind, In The Pink has set out to create a wide range of quality original gay-themed films that can appeal to all audiences. Treat its characters like real people, with real lives and personalities-- not just another stereotype waiting to happen!

    So far the support and interest they are receiving has been amazing. If all stays on plan they will be featured in a number of magazines and online websites in the near future.

    At this time, IN THE PINK is seeking actors to fill a number of roles in some of their upcoming projects. These range from a short story anthology based on short stories collected from gay-youth, a horror-vampire film entitled "Kissing Darkness", and the sequel to their dark mystery-romance "Sideline Secrets", amongst an ever growing list of others.

    If you are interested in any way, please do not hesitate to contact. You will find all necessary casting and contact information on their website at ...

    The site is currently being rebuildt from its old design, so bear with it as new things are added each day allowing it to become all that it can be!

    Take a look, sign the guestbook, and please feel free to share any ideas or questions at hand!!!
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    Also, if you want to see a promo trailer for Sideline Secrets, please email us and we will give you the link...

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    Its so difficult being the only gay on this website.
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    lol I am realizing that
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    You aren't the only gay on this website... We are everywhere... :)
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    eeeks... overwhelming!!! lol
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    Hey!!! Good news!!!

    We have only 37 copies available of our advance "SIDELINE SECRETS" dvd. Check out the store section on our website at

    "Sideline Secrets" features plenty of hot young twinks nude! It follows the story of Devon Tyler (James), a high school student with a secret. His world seems perfect. However with the encounter of his first boyfriend, a streetwise hustler named Brian, things quickly begin to spiral out of control and it is soon realized that no one is really who they seem!

    Check out the website at ... if you want to see the "naughty" uncut trailer, please drop us a message and we will share the link with you. Do not want to post it publicly as it does contain nudity.

    Can't wait to see "Sideline Secrets"? Here is your chance to get a First Run Limited Edition Rough Cut AUTOGRAPHED copy of the film while it is still going through its final editing and release through TLA video and a number of other online retailers. you will find out how to purchase your advance copy in the "store" section. See the
    film before everyone else does!!!

    ALSO-- We are always looking for actors so please dont hesitate to submit, as we have a ton of upcoming features in the workds... Here is your chance to be seen!

    Please Email if you have any questions to inthepinkprods@inthepinkprods

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