in retrospect everything seems like an omen

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by darthkacie, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. darthkacie

    darthkacie crazy diamond

    I was just reading some of our old facebook message conversations, from around a year ago now.

    this shit is so strange. life is so strange.


    PJ McClure
    February 1 at 12:33am
    snowed last night and it was sad cause it reminded me of colorado, and
    in turn u, i mailed you some snow but it might just be water when it
    arrives, jk...but i miss you soo much, the fact that i saw u just makes
    it worse now. but still i cant be unhappy with snow on the ground, so i
    will survive, i even made a kacie snow-woman, its pretty cute fyi

    Kacie Smith
    February 4 at 4:41pm
    I miss you lots, babeee.
    I'm sure the kacie snow-woman is a hottie.
    anything with the official 'kacie' label is bound to be fabulous.

    sooo what are you up to?

    PJ McClure
    February 7 at 4:59pm
    not much, basically i got a DUI tuesday night, so my life officially sucks, how bout u?

    Kacie Smith
    February 7 at 5:05pm
    :[ no fun
    I got an MIP on superbowl sunday
    ... gay

    we are both bad seeds
    but I love you anyways :]

    PJ McClure
    February 7 at 5:22pm
    i know, i just suck at life, now i cant drive, and i have to pay for a shit ton of stuff, i think i am just goin to shoot myself

    Kacie Smith
    February 7 at 5:23pm
    don't do thattt
    then we will never be a happily married couple
    hang in there, compadre

    PJ McClure
    February 7 at 5:32pm
    just kidding i couldnt end my life, cause i know we are goin to be
    together which makes me super happy, i am just pissed off, but on the
    positive side i did not lose my ass virginity so things could be worse.

    Kacie Smith
    February 7 at 5:43pm
    :] loveee

    //how long did you have to stay?

    PJ McClure
    February 7 at 5:48pm
    for two days, but my lovely mom bailed me out and i have to go to court tomorrow, so hopefully i dont get totally fucked over.

    PJ McClure
    February 7 at 7:17pm
    in case i die i am goin to send you a ring in the mail, not really, at
    least the dying part, but fo sho, you me = married whenever we get
    enough money to do so...

    Kacie Smith
    February 8 at 6:54am
    yay for moms :]
    good luck at court. I'm sure that it will be a really excellent experience.
    yeh, no dying. I'd be sad.
    marriage! I'm looking at wedding dresses already, honey bun.

    PJ McClure
    February 8 at 1:36pm
    i think your wedding dress should be your birthday suit, cause that would be hawt.

    Kacie Smith
    February 8 at 1:54pm
    you are naughty
    but nobody gets married in their birthday suit!
    thats for after
    and then its called your married suit

    PJ McClure
    February 10 at 12:07am
    oh....i thought it would be called the sex suit, but i guess to each their own


    okay, so if you read all that, you're a hero.
    if not, the gist of it is .. the title of the thread. everything seems like an omen now, looking back.
    but I really try hard not to think of it that way because he wouldn't want me to hurt the way that makes me hurt.

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