in need of veggie recipies

Discussion in 'Munchie Recipes' started by retrofishie, May 30, 2004.

  1. retrofishie

    retrofishie Senior Member

    i am a new veggi girl, i need some yummy recipes that are easy and cheap.
  2. ooh, congratulations.
    One place with heaps of cheap and tasty recipies is . A great site that i adore.

    Good luck with keeping vego - you should pop over to the veggie forum as well :)
  3. retrofishie

    retrofishie Senior Member

    I love this site!!!

    i had chicken for dinner tonight and it tottaly disgusted me that i was chewing on flesh and fat and stuff, it made me sick to my stomach and i almost had to go throw it up. so i don't know how strict i'm going to be about this, i really love bacon but we'll see. i just won't buy any and then i won't have to eat it.
  4. yeah, if you do wanna go fully vego or vegan (veg*an) then the bestest way is slowly..One meat at a time, then, if you are morally veg*an, cheese and lollies...etc...But slow is the way to go, you won't feel so deprived then, lol.
    And meat subsitutues can help - you can get soy bean bacon for instance, which looks, tastes and smells like meaty bacon (kind of makes you wonder about meat :) )
    When I first switched I found that those sorts of things really helped.
  5. scarlettchasingroses

    scarlettchasingroses strawberry tart

    The Student's Vegetarian Cookbook, Revised by Carole Raymond is a great cookbook with many easy-to-make and cheap meals....

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