In my dream I was in love with a wolf.

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Marlyn, Jun 6, 2004.

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    I know it sounds weird, but in my dream it was totally normal. I was just wondering if someone out there could translate this dream cuz i couldn't. k basically what happened was i was two different peopl at different times. At first i was this person who was on a quest or sumthin and this half wolf half human person was after me and so i was doing my own thing and all of the sudden im not that person anymore, instead im her friend. anywho it seems i had lost my friend and i found the wolf and i knew he was after her so I distracted him by saying that there was this other guy who wanted to kill her to, and i guess he wanted to kill her more or sumthing. so then i took him on a wild goose chase and he was all like, ur lying arent you and im like ya i am, sorry bout that and it was all nonchalant even tho theres this huge man eating wolf right here (oh ya and he was wearing jeans two if that helps)
    So then I said well shes bound to show up around here any time and so he's likw eh, i'll wait so then we were just hanging out and this person came along who lost her kid and so we're like we'll help! and so we found the kid and the mum was like since ur so good with kids can u babysit him? so im like sure wutever, and so right around here is when the wierd relationship came in, so he says he's going to go get something and so i just waited with the kid and he came back with these necklaces for me to chose from and i took this pretty green one and then he's like I love you and i was like wow me to, and it was wierd cuz like he's a wolf and i didnt even care :p I guess its just the non pregidous part of me.
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    Hi Marlyn

    imagine you are all parts of the dream ... and then again not.

    I think it is about the surprise of finding you are different and the opposite of it as well, and the creative moment that takes you beyond.

    And all the others around you help you with it, be it in daylight or dream, with their own being different and strange and just wonderful confusing, and it is like you help them as much.

    Thank you for sharing!

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