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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Scorpion88, May 14, 2004.

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    I love someone but am not any longer 'inlove' with them..

    I don't think I could ever survive without them, they are the only personwho has ever understood me,but I don't fancy them. We never have a sexual relationship,I'm begging to think it is me, maybe I'm depressed it makes me feel empty, I don't feel whoke and well the people I'm attracted to physically never like me or are to good for me . Do you think you can have both in arelationship,?ie, attraction,physical and a loving relationship? People say why do'nt you put the spark back,but there was never really one to start with. We've been together for 6yrs and I don't know what I'd do without them..
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    im having the similiar delemma, i feel like im missing something out there, becasue my boyfriend is so much older than i am, he has done everything, and he tells me its not worth it to go out and party and be wild.
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    There's a boy at school who is supposedly my friend and the relationship we have between one another is like Jim Morrison and his gf Pam. One moment it's 'I love you' and then the next it's 'I hope you die in 5 seconds'. Plus he's not really a good kid. He's hurt me physically, talked bad about me behind my back, etc....
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    There's no point staying in a relationship with someone your not physically attracted to. It's only going to make you feel guilty for not wanting them. There's nothing wrong with getting out of a relationship that makes you unhappy, but if you still want them in your life it's going to be a bit harder I guess.
    I do think you can have both phsyical attration and a loving r'ship, you just need to find someone you feel you have both with.
    There's no shame in wanting to be happy, so if theres soemthing in your life that's making you depressed, I think something needs to be done because I'm sure you both deserve the right to be happy.
    Don't think people are to good for you either, I'm sure you'll find someone your physically and emotionally attracted to if you accept the fact you deserve to be happy.
    Good Luck


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