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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by basedprncss, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. basedprncss

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    i recently posted a thread ("should i move out") about my living situation with my bf. we both dont have many friends (or at least not in town) and given that we live together, a lot of our time is spent together. we dont necessarily need to spend most of our time together but we don't mind the amount of time we're usually with each other. though i'm comfortable with my social life or lack thereof, after having posted that thread made me wonder about whether or not if it is "normal" or unhealthy to not have a very active social life.

    i wouldnt mind at all having more friends that i can see more often than i do with my friends who are studying in another town. it'd be nice to have more people to confide in or just to go to shows with, or hang around. but i dont think im skilled with making friends. i get along with most people but it rarely goes past us being acquaintances. ive come a long way from high school and overcoming shyness but i can still be awks especially with small talk. sometimes i find myself not caring about what another person is telling me, and it makes it hard for me to come up with a genuine sounding response that is more than 3 words-- especially when i know nothing about the topic. and tbh i find myself not having much to talk about. with some people it's an exception but i usually find myself asking questions or simply listening. in general i think i get along with guys a little easier than i do with girls and i think it's because im more comfortable joking around with guys.

    but in the end, it doesnt bother me too much that making friends doesnt come easily to me. is it normal that im not too bothered by it, that i dont mind having a few close, yet distant friends? or should i try to improve my social life, and how would i go about doing that?
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    I'm similar in that I don't care about half the crap girls talk about and I find it easier to get along with guys. I'm just lucky to know a handful of girls that are like me. I've met them all through the same group of people, I rarely end up making girl friends outside my little circle of friends.

    What are your interests? You need to seek out girls who have similar interests.
  3. Syd222

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    Doesn't sound wrong to me if it feels ok. Having good close friend, even if they live far away seems more important to me than having peoples to hang out with. If you're wondering about that, maybe it's because you kind of want to hang out with people. Try going to concert/festival of music you and your bf like, you might meet some like-minded people than you can later hang out with to talk about thing that actually interest you (it's easier than small talk I think).
    There's nothing wrong or right about having meeting people. If you feel you'd enjoy it, try it.

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