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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by Rocklobster, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Rocklobster

    Rocklobster Senior Member

    After smoking I find 4 a good week afterwards my sleep patten improves to the point that when i close my eyes i'm gone 4 the full 8 hours and i mean gone nothing can wake me. also found my depression starts to lift and i can see clearly again but thats probably coz i'm sleeping again and not climbing the walls all nite lol. Tell ya you good ppl it feels great t actually feel sleepy and know ya can full asleep.
  2. Kalizhada

    Kalizhada Member

    Thats actually one of the many benefits Salvia can rpovide, including improved passiveness, resistance to frustration, coordination, increased visual color perception, decrease in moodiness, etc. I'm happy to hear of such a result rocklobster, this is the kind of messages we need to hear to log such benefits and inform the masses this is an herb that must be protected from liberal fatcats!
  3. Kalizhada

    Kalizhada Member

    I think others need to post such results.
  4. Greenbama

    Greenbama Member

    huh...had the complete opposite effects. For a couple of nights straight, after I smoked Salvia, I had unbelievably real-felt nightmares and couldn't go to sleep for two days. It was the same nightmare horror every time I tried to sleep. I was seriously scared out of my mind and sweating so much I thought I was going to faint.

    The dream was short and repetitively occuring exactly the same both nights. I was in (of what felt like) my room, when all of a sudden it got really dark and quiet. Then I hear a loud noise coming from the living room, so I look through this hole in my door and see this terrifying large fat joker (with all white face except for black eyes and mouth) SLAM the front door open. As he is walking to my terrified grandfather, I hear his heavy breathing. He stares at my Grandpa with a deep LOUD happy tone, "Its Peter Williams!" As those words bolted from his mouth, both the walls and I began to shake, as I felt an enormous amount of nausea suddenly take over my entire body (in my dream). I am watching him kill my grandpa by viciously riping him apart, and as I scream for help I become stuck to the hole in my door watching as this serial killer approaches me laughing hysterically. I finally wake up. I try to go back to sleep, but the same dream becomes more terrifying, due to the overwhelming anxiety of no escape. It was a very confusing, dark, and loud nightmare that made me nauseous. I wanted to sleep SO bad, but was terrified to do so.

    I know everyone is affected differently, so I am not bashing Sally D! I just found it odd and disappointing that this happened to me. But again, everyone reacts to substances differently, just like alcohol!
  5. RandomOne

    RandomOne Member

    Well I am an insomniac by nature, and I gotta say that no, Salvia didn't treat that for me. Same thing with weed, I dunno how people sleep on it, I just get more wired up mentally. With Salvia I find that I am more groggy the morning after I smoke it.

    The one thing that does make me feel nice the morning after is MG seeds. Very energetic.

    Any ideas on something to help me actually sleep though?
  6. Rocklobster

    Rocklobster Senior Member

    I'm more a cant get things out my mind kinda person n find salvia quite mentaly drainin especialy if i'm on it all day so maybe thats the answer. Sounds silly but there's excises that can tire ya eyes out kinda works theory is ya brain thinks your tired coz ya eyes sendin tired signals.
  7. Mr. Oblivious

    Mr. Oblivious Member

    Im an insomniac too, and i find that after i smoke salvia, it helps me get a better deeper sleep, when i do sleep. It doesent help me sleep longer or anything but i fell like i sleep better and am more rested when i wake up.
  8. Friggin Joe

    Friggin Joe Member

    I find for the next few days I breathe better or at least get better oxygen use (deviated septum sucks), I sleep better and my overall mood improves.

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