Improper Resolution

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    Here I sit at a desk, put words to text
    Fail to see the reason, misunderstood by the next
    Ashamed of the denigration
    Deterioration of the nation
    Claims of violence, valid humiliation
    Powdered with spirit of bold brutality
    Conscious of nothing, destination: fatality
    Streets of pain, misery, loss
    We all know the scene, all aware of the cost
    Burn it all, tear it down and leave to rest
    Get rid of the grime, leave us to face the test
    Perhaps a world void of the ignorant
    Cleaned of the unwise
    Drained of the naive
    Eliminate the shame
    Who am I to believe that such a possibility can be conceived
    See, the world has already left me deceived
    Never relieved

    Excuse my realization that freedom can't be achieved
    No matter how many times, or days we have dreamed
    Hope has gleamed, rips have been seemed
    But all in all, hurt is what's deemed
    Stripped of it all, casted aside
    Such a resolution, one we cannot abide
    An improper reesolution to deny all the pain
    For the pain is our motivation, what fuels a new strain

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