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Discussion in 'Hippies' started by Jennyflower, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Jennyflower

    Jennyflower Member

    The following is what i posted on my livejournal earlier. just thought some of you might appreciate sum brain teasing questions...

    well, jo really made us all think today and nearly made my brain explode a number of times. lol she said "im going to make a mature point" just as she got out her little brother's lost in space flask! basically the main questions we were asking ourselves were what is forever? is it the same as nothing? what happens after we die? what was there before the beginning? what is there after the end? Do you realize that once you die, you cease to exist and you are no longer on the planet or anywhere else. u just go nowhere. everything is black-or is it? this is regardless of any religious beliefs of course, but i think that people only take the "heaven and hell" belief as it is easy for their minds to fathom.
    Who tells us what to think? is our earth just a particle inside a giant's peice of snot, and is that giant's world a particle in another giants' world's chair leg? i know that humans arn't supposed to know these answers, our minds and souls arnt big enough to contemplate infinity but... i still wanna know!
    This then brought us onto the topic of fate..the grace-o-meter nearly went off the scale! everyone was yelling at everyone else and yet nobody has the answer. does everything happen for a reason? grace seemed to think fate was a load of bollox and whats the point of living if our lives are already planned out for us? Well, i dont know why we are here, i think we are quite possibly a very complex mistake of nature. but seeing as we are here and something put us here we might as well make use of it.
    Are we destined to meet our soul mate? is there such thing as a soul mate? Is everychild born out of love?
    Is the meaning of life the universe and everything 42? And a point jo made is that if you keep travelling out into space and never stop, how do you know what way is up down or diagonal? If you dig a whole thru the earth, will you come out upside down in australia? Did you realize that everysingle thing on the planet is made from star dust? even you. if we all came from the same matter we still have some in us right? Jo even had dead dinosaurs in her yoghurt!
    what makes the human race think they are so superior, when really it appears that we serve no purpose whatsoever. Jo thinks we are all just on a massive vacation from the nothingness and we can choose to spend this holiday however we please. some destined to become rich-some to die early-some to give out love-some to take in love. whatever it is, use it wisely, you may be rewarded for it after death. I think its a big circle, before the beginning there was NOTHING, after the end there will be NOTHING, so this must be the beginning of the cycle. but then again-there is not beginning to a cycle? it just goes round and round and round. things only live on through memories, and those memories fade and eventually dissapear leaving no trace of that being. if the world was to end, nobody would know.
    Happy brain ache! Jennyflower xxx
  2. Woodstock

    Woodstock Member

    Hi Jennyflower!

    Quite a collection of mindbreaking questions you've there:)
    Questions that will never have an answer. Maybe an answer that we don't understand, like you said above. Anwers that will turn the humanity upsidedown, i would you react if you know what will bring us in the afterlife or the fact that we are here.. in the middle of nowhere of space. No sign, no routemap, no written note from our creators, nothing. The answer will bring us down, it will eat our brains for lunch while he is preparing our souls for supper. When we don't have a goal, we make one!
    ( This no-goal thing leads us to the creation of reliable things, such as religion and so called holy books or guidelines)

    Nature and of course Humanity is capable to create order in chaos.
    We had to make things like societies, cultures, goverments, kingdoms and places where stands certain rules and standards to be able to keep the 'people' down. It quite succeeded until the 60's;)

    Cause chaos will lead to order, but order will lead to chaos aswell, we can't balance it... that the nature's job, therefor it's not 'our' way of live, it's THE way of live. you can't escape from it. There are things like hell/heaven/walhalla to keep us on the right track, in fact.. i think we are prisoners in our own made rules. But back to the point and thinking how to say this straight.. nobody knows the answer. So we have to accept that.

    Anyway, that's only my opinion..i i am not the wise old master monk orso .. :)

    I can tell you however, that this kind of thinking brings more understanding in our minds. How to say this.. euhm. like it is very cool to meet someone where you can talk about this for like 6 hours :p and share your thought.
    Thinking always gets you further, good or bad.. it's the only skill we have.
    We humans, are physical weak, like in: no claws, no ability to see in infravision ect ect ..the strongest thing of us is our mind.

    So keep on thinking!! *But don't forget to drink you tea before it get cold, my lady*

    I am trying to re-enter the world of meditation, and i would like to recommend it to you all. just try it, not working?, keep trying, not working? still keep trying, still not working? quit it, shout as loud as you can, fall down on your bed and don't get up if you don't want to. * it also helps you to regain your clear mind*

    It's late, i probably typed to darn much.. *my apologies*, so i want to greet you in the name of love, happyness and peace.

    Good Night All! :D
  3. Jennyflower

    Jennyflower Member

    wow, thats the best post ive read on here for a long time. i considered re-starting meditation, but i dont really know if im doing it right! and i agree, asking ourselves these questions (even if we are not meant to know the answers) can broaden our minds and perhaps you end up in whatever you believe after death? if thats the case, i believe we all go to live in another kingdom full of peace, flowers and love. only ppl willing to live...(die?) this way will be accepted. yeah thats what i believe. ill see you there one day in the far future.Jenny x
  4. Woodstock

    Woodstock Member

    Good idea! Only one thing love, we have to wait for like 70 years before you and me go down.. :D anyway..

    Kingdom full of flowers and love you said?
    I'll be there!!

    *till then,
    greetz & peace!*

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