Discussion in 'Heavy Metal' started by Conservationist, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Immolation has been a classic for me since Dawn of Possession. Their most 2007 album, Shadows in the Light, keeps up the intensity well for a band in their 22nd year of activity. Anyone else dig Immolation?
  2. They're pretty bland and extremely repetative.

  3. I disagree. There's a good amount of variation between riff types, excellent lead guitar playing that you cannot duplicate, and good variation in rhythm although that's not the focus of the band.

  4. They definitely have a solid beat, I'm just not hearing the excellent lead playing. I just can't get into it. Any song recommendations?
  5. I would try the albums Here in After and Shadows in the Light.
  6. Thomas C

    Thomas C Member

    Immolation melts faces.

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