im sad!!!

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by lucyinthesky, May 25, 2004.

  1. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    I'm really upset....
    i broke up with my ex a while ago because i needed time to figure who i really am. well so far so realizing im a totally different person than i ever thought i was. i've also decided that i dont want a career, or a 9-5 job. i talked to him today for the first time in a while and explained this to him and that i want to drive around from city to city, and travel, and explore and go to concerts and peace rallies and protests and all that stuff, and to make money i would sell handmade clothes, and psychedelic paintings online and at artshows.
    he laughed at me
    i couldn't believe the bestest friend i've had for 4 years of my life laughed at my dreams. and then he told me it's impossible to live like that, and that i HAVE NO CHOICE but to get a career. i am so frustrated with his...and everyone elses close mindedness. It's hurting me so bad that i can't find anyone who is like me, who dreams of things like this like i do....everyone says its impossible. I just want to find someone who will jump on the train with me and take off. I've never felt so frustratingly alone!! UGH!!!!
  2. makno

    makno Senior Member

    you certainly can go on tour and even make $vending at shows ...wether you vend or not , you gan take off on tour and go to gatherings and shows till ocalla late in the season! and stay at organic farms or food not bombs houses intensional communities or squats ...fuck get a passport and go to barcalona !!theres squats there...the possibilities are could meet all kinds of folks and end up better than in an unhappy carrear! a little rescearch first online and have addresses of places and contacts ...make itinerary with contingents ....i wanna get a van and sell food at events next season ...i hope i get out to see a few things this year ,wish i could go now but i gotta fix it so i can do what your planning without leaving unfinished biz and with rescources good luck on good dream! anything i can help wiyh planning ofyour open plan ...let me know jelouse!
  3. Sounds like me. Wow. It's hard when no one believes in you.

    I told my brother that I'd love to travel with a commune and live peacefully without a job and he laughed at me, so I get your feelings.

    Hey, I know how you feel; sounds like a great idea.

    Keep pushing for your dream and don't let anyone stop you. Rock and roll.
  4. lucyinthesky

    lucyinthesky Tie Dyed Soul

    im starting to think you may be my new favorite person on the forums :eek:
  5. booshnoogs

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    It's possible that your friend wasn't trying to be mean. Maybe he honestly believes what he is saying and he is trying to keep you from making decisions that, in his mind are a mistake.

    You're young. Tell him that you have time to persue this dream, and in the future, if your goals change, you will have time to persue that too.
  6. Spuff

    Spuff Where's my ciggies?

    You know, I went through exactly the same thing. I broke up with my girlfriend and it was only then that I realised what a person I really am. I much prefer the 'new me' though because I have much more confidence and feel better about myself.

    And he shouldn't have laughed at you ... I know I wouldn't have done.
  7. Even if he does have the best of intentions, he shouldn't laugh at her. That's mean.

    Just try to talk to them instead of laughing at what they say. I've been laughed at sometimes.
  8. Lucy, I am planning a spontaneous runaway action myself.
    We should combine our powers and plan a spontaneous runaway action together.
  9. I'm looking for a commune to live with for a while. Get away from civillization and just live with people who are like me, y'know. That would be so far out.

    But good luck on the runaway. :D
  10. I am certain people only laugh at your face when you leave them no other option and are, quite unconsciously, refuting everything they have based their survival on. He probably laughed 'cause that's what he wishes he had the courage to do too, LoL!
  11. Ooh good point, someone always blows my mind here. I agree. but still its fucking mean, even to a lady.

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