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Discussion in 'Birth Control' started by Xaxis, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. Xaxis

    Xaxis Member

    Well, I was with my girlfriend and I ejaculated, but not inside of her, but through oral sex. Afterwards i went to the toilet and urinated. I then went back and we had a very short sex session. It lasted for about 3 seconds (my penis in her vagina) and i did not ejaculate. She was on her period. I am sondering if this could have got her pregant, as i was not wearing a condom.
    Please help.
  2. StayLoose1011

    StayLoose1011 Senior Member

    if by "on her period" you mean mentruating, you're probably safe due to the cycle. if she was ovulating, I guess there is a chance... not high, but a chance
  3. TransAmRocker

    TransAmRocker Member

    why did you do this for 3 seconds of pleasure? The aftercum that was on your head probably did get inside of her, but NO she probably is NOT pregnant
  4. Xaxis

    Xaxis Member

    We did it for 3 seconds because i realized i should be using a condom.
  5. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    chances are low. Has she considered birth control? Get a preg test and test in a week or so if you're still worried, and for crying out loud invest in some freakin condom sdude
  6. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    Xasis - urinating flushes the sperm and semen out of your urethra, but unless you also washed your penis, there is a chance that the little tadpoles found their way into her vagina. But if she was in her period, there is little chance that she will get pregnant.

    Next time, try to think with your big head and not with your small head.
  7. MeowMix

    MeowMix Member

    I'm sure you're fine. First of you already came and I know its difficult for men to cum more then once. Second if your girls on her period no worries. Should have left it in there longer!

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