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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by EarthMusic, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. EarthMusic

    EarthMusic Member

    so i found out that im pregnant, and i also found out that im 2 months and 2 weeks already so it looks like im having a baby, im nervous and scared im still young and i want to travel the world, i cant do that with a baby, can i? anyway have any of you guys had a baby young, how has it affected you? my boyfriend will stay by my side, at least i know that much but im still scared.
    Any advice will help soooo much!!!
    thank you
  2. shaina

    shaina No War Know Peace

    my mom traveled with me. i dont really have any advice for you except congratulations. and i'm willing to listen if you need someone
  3. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    Im a single dad, my son was born when I had just turned 20. Its not that bad, I live with a friend in south Philly and support my son and my self. You'll be fine, trust me :)
  4. kyndmama

    kyndmama Member

    Congratulations! Yes it can seem very overwhelming at first. You can still travel the world~ now you'll just have somebody else to share the experience with!! Try as hard as you can to believe that everything happens for a reason, things may not be as you quite imagined them to be at the moment, but just wait until you have that little baby in your arms and you will know how truly blessed you are!! Best wishes to ya sister ;)
  5. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    i was going to say what the other's did. You can still travel, but yeah, it's going to just be a little different. Or you could put it off till your older and do all the traveling then, it's up to you.
    We found out that we were expecting our dd when I was 18, and i was scared as hell. I was excited, but scared. As hard as it can be sometimes, I wouldn't change it for anything. It definately kicked my butt into gear and figure out what really mattered in my life. Basically, I went from doing nothing all day to going back to college, finding out what I want to do with my life and finally having a plan for the future. It can really have a positive impact. Infact, the college I'm going to is also an upgrading college (which is what I'm doing since I messed up high school the first time) and there are a ton of young moms there all like us. They're awesome people and great parents. One guy is a single dad just like Krsna, and he's great. I'm friends with two single moms who have 2 kids and are both under 25...there's just a bunch of us there. The best thing I would recomend is getting involved in some prenatal classes or parenting classes where you could meet some other expectant parents. That might help you get into this whole baby thing a little more. It helped me a bunch. Infact, just being on this site helped a ton. Anywhere you can talk to people about what you're feeling and going through is great.
  6. homeschoolmama

    homeschoolmama Senior Member

    Aww, congratulations!

    When DH & I were married, I was 19 years old and we travelled with a singing group during the spring/summer. My son was born 6 weeks after my 20th birthday and we kept right on touring. It's not the same, but yeah - travelling with little ones can be done. And it's easier than you'd think.

    And yes, by my 25th birthday I was a mama to two. I have plenty of friends who also had children at young ages. I like to think of it this way - I'll be an empty-nester by the time I'm 42, and have the whole rest of my life "all to myself!"
  7. lucyloo

    lucyloo Member

    I agree with everyone else here. Things are just going to be different. but I really believe that things happen for a reason. try to be thankful and be positive. I know it's hard! It took me a long time to really accept it. I'm also 20 and am expecting my first any day now. I'm still scared, but I know it's going to be ok. I felt so alone at first, my boyfriend freaked out for a good 3 months but he eventually came around, and I was terrified to tell my parents bc I didn't want them to be upset. But it all worked out ok.

    now everything has come together and Ive really learned a lot about what really matters in life. my boyfriend and I are so happy, and my family has been amazing. Your life is whatever you make it. I know this probably doesnt help much, bc I'm sure you've heard it all before. But it's really going to be ok. :) you can pm if you want to talk. I am online all the time now, waiting for this baby to come! lol
  8. hi there

    it is scary but you will grow into being a mum..believe me
    my oldest is nearlly 17 i was young also
    but now i see how i grew while she grew..
    boy 13 doing great and a 4 year old also
    all very different i felt scared 4 years ago also..

    we all make mistakes as mums dont is
    hard enough without stress...

    just remember your life is made of choices
    and you will know what to do at the time..
    it just falls into place.

    good luck take advice where ever you can
    but never be dictated to ,on how you would like to raise
    your child....

    you will have time for yourself again this is also

    yes ive travelled with my mum
    and moved the kids around the uk
    but this choice was mine so
    i have to ask the kids this is the key
    involve your child in each choice for it effects them

    lovenpeace from saff
  9. Zadria

    Zadria Member

    My folks were you when they started their family. With three kids they traveled a lot! It is not impossible but like others said it will be a chalenge.
    Don't worry. This is a wonferful thing happening!!
  10. MudFlower

    MudFlower Member

    I was 18 when i found out I was pregnant with my son. I couldn't ask for more. I seriously don't know what I did with my day before I had him. Now I get so much stuff done , even though I'm taking care of him all the time. It can be hard at times, and you just want to scream, but don't worry every mom, no matter how young or old can get frustrated. Best wishes!!!
  11. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    I traveled with my oldest two. I was a mom of two by 18. The smaller they are the easier it is to drive distances since they sleep alot and play sitting down. You may need to take plenty of breaks for breastfeeding, running around and diapers but who cares? My children loved living in the woods, having as far as their eyes can see as their playground. They enjoyed being thrown up piggyback and going up trails, rolling in the mud and sleeping under the stars. They learned so much about nature and spent so much time exploring. My kids could tell you amazing stories about any animal imaginable. They learned from seeing not watching it on tv. They still ask, "when are we going on a trip mama?" I would love to go somewhere else soon. We were thinking of Italy but we'll see. What little kid wouldn't love this? My kids helped me enjoy my trips even more. Traveling with kids is so much fun. Just be well prepared and keep emergency money, you can't chance things like that when you have a little one to keep safe (you never know what kind of stuff you'll run into...storms, flat tires, ect).
  12. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    Silly rabbit, Trips are for kids :tongue:
  13. sweetdreadlover

    sweetdreadlover TattooedRainbowGurl

    im only 22 and yeah im young i guess,...i woulda gotten prego 3 years ago if hubby was ready.

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