I'm off to Jamaica....

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Socratez, May 25, 2007.

  1. Socratez

    Socratez Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hey brothers,

    Sorry I've been away for quite a while. Back when I sat in a cubical all day, I was able to surf more... since then, I've taken on a contract position, and work has been nuts... so this is my first post in a couple months...

    Hope everyone has been well.. I missed you guys...

    Anyhow, on to my message... Next month we are heading out to Jamaica (montego bay). Personally, I have never been there, but have heard very good stories... So, for those of you who have visited... a few questions...

    1. How easy is it to find Ganja when your there? - should i grab off the fist person I see at the airport, or is it pretty easy to find at the resort? (its a private beach, but I'm hoping some locals will still come around.

    2. What is a good price?

    3. I've heard its Jamacan is good, but, hey, I'm Canadian (so we kinda have very high standards here.... - I can't see it being better than BC.. - does it come in buds? I've heard of people buying bags out there (like a pound for $40 US). that cant be good bud - (can it?).

    4. Is it safe to smoke anywhere, or do you need to be somewhat hidden? (I would love to just be free for the first time in my life, light up in a hamic by the beach, and not "not worry, about a thing.. cuze every little (you know how it goes).

    4. Any other advice to this new traveler would also be greatly appreciated.


    PS: My 14 year old Daughter wants to get dreads done when she is there... this is so cool.. (my job will be to chill by the ocean, and not get caught by the kids).
  2. Biida

    Biida Member

    Webehigh.com is down, otherwise I'd point you there. I've never been. :) Hope you have fun, man.
  3. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    i've never been to jamaica, but my advice would be not to buy from near a resort. there's a lot of scam artists in jamaica looking for tourists to scam. usually if you take any sort of tour, the tour guide will offer you a spliff.

    and the currency conversion sounds about right. 40 u.s. dollars for a pound? yea sounds about right. you can buy a nice house in jamaica for pocket change in u.s. dollars.

    you should be safe smoking in the 'open' wherever that may be, people generally won't fuck with ya unless you blow smoke in a cops face. it's still enforced, but not nearly as much as other places.
  4. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    and definately watch out for people impersonating a friendly rasta guide. they like to lead tourists out to the waterfalls or somewhere remote and beat the shit out of them and take your money.
  5. gratefulvegan

    gratefulvegan Member

    Sounds like an awesome trip, I've never been. Have a great time though man.
  6. AncientHippie

    AncientHippie Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I've been to Jamaica 6 or more times.
    We always stay at Hedonism II in Negril.

    Here is my advice. Hope it helps.
    Don't buy it at the airport.
    Buy it at the resort.
    Look for a Jamacian off shore in a motor boat and wave to him.
    He will sail in and talk to you pronto.
    Or buy it from one of the Jamaican ground keepers.
    The weed is good, but good is relative, so it might be average for you.
    Do not leave the resort without a guide that is OKed by the resort.
    The resort grounds are safe but the rest of Jamaica is not.
    I doubt you can smoke just anywhere out in the open,
    especially if kids are allowed on the property.
    At Hedo, it was 18 and up, and you still had to be cool about it.
    Weed was not cheap. $40 american wont get you much, if any.
    Jamaican culture allows you to barter. Try to talk him down some.

    In general, be ready to chill out in Jamaica.
    When you ask for something and they say "soon come"
    It means you might get it in the next day or two.
    They operate on Island Time.
    Being in a hurry is not their style.

    Do a Google search on Denny Pasternak.
    You will end up knowing more about Jamaica,
    Than most Jamaicans.

    Enjoy your trip.
  7. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    really? this isn't what i've always read and heard. aye i guess i learned something
  8. Willy_Wonka_27

    Willy_Wonka_27 Surrender to the Flow

    ill be going there in december. im excited!
  9. Socratez

    Socratez Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Thanks everyone for all the great info... Yea, glad I did a bit of reaserch before making any mistakes... For some reason, I just visioned myself in a hamac all week long smoking fatties, drinking rum, and snacking on Island food.. - vegitarian of course :) Either way, I'll have to post what happens when we return... Anceienthippie, I'll look into Denny Pasternak before leaving, big thanks for the tips... I'm pertty sure I will find some out there, but will defiantly keep it low.

    Hey Willy, have a blast in December...

  10. Socratez

    Socratez Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hey everyone,

    Well, I got back from Jamaica a short time ago, but am finally able to write a review. Sorry for the delay, but man, its like I had some emotional issues to get over before I could write something decent.. Man if I hated westernized barbarianism before, I think I hate it a lot more now.

    Anyhow, finding weed in Jamaica - easy (not sure why I was worried - even found some of the best hash I had in my life).... its everywhere. The trick is finding good quality stuff.

    Best advice to those of you (Willy) who are going is either buy from a Rasta (don't buy from the bartenders, etc)... Rasta’s have the good weed... the stuff I grabbed from the bartenders etc (is not that good). Or, if you want a real good variety, you will have the opportunity to take some tours from your resort.. make sure you take the Bob Marley 9mile tour -> aka the spirit of Reggae -> aka the ganja tour. At 9mile weed is legal, and sold openly (even by security). That’s were I nabbed some hash, but along the way, we also stopped at a ganja farm, and the farmer was selling it for $30 and ounce..

    Anyhow, I could go on, but what I found was that Weed is not really what blew my mind in Jamaica... This is seriously a country that won my heart... honestly guys, I cried when it was time to leave... here is why.

    As soon as you arrive, you are instantly welcomed “home”.. (it all seems weird at first, but then you kinda just grove into it). Everyone calls you family, brother, sister, etc... the people there have a philosophy that makes you feel like your at a dead show. With that, you basically will find that all it takes is for you to look at a local, and they will instantly come up to you and start a conversation, smoke a dobbie with you, have a drink with you... and just chill out. At first I thought that’s just what the resort is like, until I started to leave the resort and just hang with the locals... – it was all the same - These are truly the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life. They have a philosophy that I am still trying to understand, but, basically the term "one love" means more than just a catch phrase in a song to them... its their way of life.. they believe we are all one. With that, from what I was told there was a peaceful revolution in Jamaica.. These people do not respect, or submit to the government, police, etc in any way... This was supposedly something that came out of the Rasta movement, Bob Marley, and a bunch of others that saw the evils of the government, and folks that live there just don't abide by what they say, or obey the government/police in any way... There are up sides, and downsides to it... but from what I see its mostly positive.

    There is just so much to this place, and the stories I can tell are endless… but it was a place where people are into piece, being good to one another, and as they put it, everyone should just “be”.

    The only time I really felt uncomfortable, or did not like my surroundings was when I spent time with the tourists. Some of the tourists I found on the Island were quite horrific people. All hung up with war, and crap… one time I was chatting with this woman I thought was nice by the bar… Anyhow, we were talking about vacations, and places that we have been… I told her my last vacation was in Cuba… and how nice it was, etc.. Her response was.. “oh my god, I can’t wait for the fucker to die” - she meant Castro, but it almost made me sick… how could people be so hateful… being on this Island where people don’t believe in hate, war, or any of the ugly crap we have here - a lot of tourists did not quite understand what was happening around them… but we understood.. and seriously this hit us so hard, that my wife and I decided we will never go anywhere else again.. this is our permanent vacation spot from now on (until further notice :).

    Anyhow Willy, have a great time in December… trust me brother.. you have no idea of what an amazing trip is coming your way… let us know how you like it… and if you can hold off a month, we are going a gain in January… :) - let me know, maybe we can hook up.

    Peace all
  11. gaum

    gaum Elephant Orgy

    glad you had fun!
  12. jusdino4it

    jusdino4it DR. Lifetime Supporter

    Sounds amazing. Im jelious.
  13. Well I have heard two things:


    2. Either the best or worst weed you've smoked

    Also hash is very easy to find there ive heard.
  14. blazed

    blazed Member

    sounds like u had an awsome trip

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