Im male i want to anal masturbate but..

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by hduvalle, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. hduvalle

    hduvalle Member

    It like burns sort of im not sure i've only done it 2-3 times but It burns when I do it and with only like 1 finger.. What can I do?
  2. RedLotus

    RedLotus Member

    i suggest a good lube, a good one that i use frequently is called Pjur Eros- light love. Also have you considered anal beads? you can buy them at every sex shop. they start out small but increase in size. That will make it easier cause you can increase the size when you are comfortable.
  3. Newclues

    Newclues Member

    i just did it with my finger and it was fine. i started to use other stuff but didnt really like it. i hardly ever do it now. all i can say is just keep going but ease into it dont go full on.
  4. def zeppelin

    def zeppelin All connected

    "Anal masturbate but"

    lol, sorry.

    Anyway, try doing it in the shower.
  5. trex80

    trex80 Member

    i prefer to use a dildo in the shower. because the water warms you up, making you relaxed so it shouldnt hurt.
  6. Stomped

    Stomped Member

    Shove a gerbil in your ass. LOL.

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