I'm living in a tent in Miami Beach

Discussion in 'Florida' started by E Rock, May 28, 2013.

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    It's really rough, but sometimes very interesting. For example...

    A homeless Iraq war veteran keeps threatening me with bodily violence, because I don't down bottles of vodka every day like him (I'm a Nazarite (from Numbers 6:3 in the Bible)), and I don't like his talk of committing violence against those he doesn't like.

    I met a nice girl who travelled down from the Rainbow Gathering, let her stay at my site till she felt safe enough to travel on, but later heard that someone tried to get touchy with her against her will, and that she went to homeless services to get into a shelter (that's probably the thing I hate most about some of the people I've met in South Beach... their propensity to touch others without their consent).

    Urban Beach Weekend just ended... I'm white, and even though I have dozens of black friends, the mayhem and hostility of thousands of ghetto dwellers was too much, even for me (and for the police apparently, judging by the 700 or 800 police officers on hand to keep order).

    Don't try pan-handling here... the police don't seem to care, but the tourists will get enraged... they're here to live out a fantasy, and seeing poor, hungry folks doesn't fit into their image of what a fantasy is.

    I've been called racial names... "cracker", a "wet dog", and other hateful things,... for no reason at all, just walking down the street, trying to find the dollar store so I can use my last dollar to buy a loaf of bread to have something to eat for the day. (There's something really strange in the water down here, because these white and black folks hate each other something fierce, and don't hesitate to say it and show it, so watch out.)

    The bugs are super vicious here... sand fleas, ticks, fire ants, bed bugs, wasps, all kinds of mean, parasitical, and biting things, and I don't like it one bit.

    But besides that, I am having fun sleeping on the beach and hearing the sound of the waves crashing me to sleep every night.

    If there are any other Hip Forum visitors here in Miami/South Beach, let's chat.
  2. djomalley

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    Urban Beach Week is a fn nightmare. I live in Miami Beach, but not in South Beach... which is where I'm assuming ur at?
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    I'm in Miami :)
  4. kokujin

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    weird. interesting. how do you make money? how do you not get bored? do you meditate? what's the point?
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    When I lived in Jupiter, the no-see-ums ate me alive when at the beach. In the keys too. Vicious little suckers! Other than that, Florida was one of the weirdest places I have lived.
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    I love Florida but I am not quite fond of Miami. I think there must be redeeming qualities, but I never really spent much time that way. I almost took a job out there, but the vibe I got while I was there was off-putting. I think maybe because it's such a HUGE city/metro area. Most huge cities seem to suck in a big way.

    But I'm wondering, are you at a campsite paying for your space or is this some sort of squatter's beach spot?

    If you can, I'd recommend getting to the other side of the state. SW is pretty nice in my experience. Actually I know a couple other places message me if you want to know.
  7. slappysquirrel

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    I think Miami would absolutely suck. I live in central fl myself, you should leave and find somewhere better to be. go north
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    i live in miami too...do you need things..i can help out a bit

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