Im glad to finally be growin up..

Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by quietthinker, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. quietthinker

    quietthinker Member

    so, never knowing where the most appropriate place to leave my thoughts, i let them rest here hoping that someone gives em the time of day... things most recently, have been bare. I have been observing the way this life, more consistently, this year has be unlike the rest. ive been introduced to so many new experiences, none that I am used to encountering. Ive lsot my girlfriend after two years, ive lsot touch with my dear friend in penn. i feel totally hopeless but at the same time, im anxious to experience more.. too much has happened, and im not ready to give it a break. im beginning to understand the importance of good ehalth, and i am beginning to practice my own set of beliefs. ive finaly began to make up my own mind by observing life for myself. with no intentions of finding resolve or conclusion I am able to make a more- indepth analyzation of a matter. ive chosen to make enlightenment my target, but not stressing any urgent determination. as for myself, now, i do not know what enlightenment incases. i imagine it will be of useful knoweldge that couldnt be replace. i imagine it being a spirit-encompassing up to survive and extend my boundaries further than any previous year.. yes, the feelings of loss love is there but i cannto expect someone else to love me. i hardly love myself. but maybe that will chnage. maybe then i will begin to help others, more..
    ive been catching many dogs recently, and returnign them to their grateful owners, ive been listening to the struggles of my friends, and giving them my best advice.. and ive been maturing, growing with these seasons and becoming awake of the foundation that the spring sets. the spring has given me much anticipation for what comes next.. and i just wnated to share it here, somewhere on this site, where i know so many righteous and caring people exist. each for their own sake and within the natural good.. now i just wait, and remain. hoping to meet new faces, hold new dreams, tell new tales... lets grow up, together...
  2. hippie_chick666

    hippie_chick666 Senior Member

    Congradulations, Colt, that you feel that you have reached that point in your life. Many people never will. Good luck.

    Peace and love
  3. Dearest "Spirit Brother"...Colt,
    Decided to check if you had been here today...haved missed you. So glad to see your threads...I hope that I am your friend in We have woods up here in PA..would love to give them to make your heart happy...a state that I wish for you...always..and in all ways.
    Have a bit of an update for you...Blaize moved out the week of Mother's Day...some present. Anyway we may have to relocate due to financial stuff. Would love to hear from you and possibly plan getting together this summer.
    That is a wish that I have made since we first connected finally give you a "real" hug instead of the ones written. Looking forward to hearing from you soon..."Happy Trails to you...until we meet again!"

    Sending MUCH LOVE and MANY HUGS to you....
    Today and everyday!
  4. LuckyStripe

    LuckyStripe Mundane.

    quietthinker- i just wanna say it sounds like you have an AMAZING attitude. I struggle all the time to keep an attitude like that and it can sometimes be a huge hassle and really feel like a struggle but that is the best attitude to have and it really is worth it. So, just wanted to say I think you are on the right track- many great things ahead of you. :)
  5. imilia

    imilia Member

    Congradulations on becoming a fully realized human. It is really good to hear from a young person that has his head on straight. I wish you luck and happiness in your life. It is a big step to realize that these things exist in helping others.
  6. Tedd

    Tedd Member

    I think enlightenment is not something that happens once, but many times. You reach that point, absorb it and move on with this new frame of mind - until the next time. Always learning

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