I'm Gettin Snipped!!!!

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Small_Brown, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Small_Brown

    Small_Brown Senior Member

    Whoo!!!! I FINALLY found a doctor who will do a vasectomy on me :D After about a year of searching, I found one only about 2 hours away from me :D. So now I have to wait 3 weeks to *consider* my decision. Like theres any consideration going to be done. He said I'd be in and out of his office within half an hour, so I can go straight home. Oh, I'm so happy. (Just thought I'd vent):)
  2. whispers

    whispers sweet and sour

    are you sure thats what you want to do?
  3. Thats a new one on me man
  4. missfontella

    missfontella Mama of Da Assassins

    you're only 20! That doctor is being irresponsible
  5. let the man delete himself out of the genepool and hope he cant reverse it at all.
  6. torz

    torz Member

    why do you want the snip, & at 20y/o it dont make sence.

    i just hope you know what your doing, think long & hard before you have it done. i have many people who come in to the tattoo parlour & havent thought about what they are doing, onjce you have it dont there is no going back unless you want to pay lodes a money & it dont always work.
  7. smilez

    smilez Member

    I hope this is something you will still want 10 years from now. There are some people who just know that they never want to have any kids.
  8. Hanzo Sword

    Hanzo Sword Member

    Maybe you should get some of your sperm frozen before going through with the operation - just in case. Just an idea.
  9. Small_Brown

    Small_Brown Senior Member

    Yeah, its something I want done really bad... I dont want kids, ever. So this is kind of a "just in case" measure. Kids arent part of my life plan and will never be. I want to live my life on my terms, not on some person I have to take care of all the time. No thanks.
  10. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    Yeah, wasn't my "life plan" either, but here I am with two now, and I'd hate to think of where I'd be without my little angels. I don't think it's in anyones' plans at that age. I can't believe you found a doctor to do that. You'll go through so many more phases in the years to come. I can't judge you for that, hell it's your decision. Hope it's the best one for you. It's nothing that can't be reversed if you should change your mind.
  11. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    ^^this is an incredibly good idea

    you're only 20 man.

    when i was 20 the thought of EVER having kids made me want to hurl, seriously. I was dead set against EVER becoming a parent. But, now, i cant imagine how empty my life would be without the experience of nurturing and growing and teaching and raising a child. i know that's going to fall on deaf ears for you right now, but make a safety net for yourself. it can be really difficult and expensive to reverse a vasectomy

    also, have you looked into possible health hazards associated with vasectomies? there's more to it than just becoming infertile. some guys end up having a lot of problems after getting snipped.


    make sure you know all the risks to your own health before you do it. you dont want to end up with an autoimmune disease or even cancer....

  12. Small_Brown

    Small_Brown Senior Member

    I think its different for women. Women seem to have something in their heads that "they have to have kids". I am not a woman, and do not want any lol...after reading those 2 sites up above, I dont know what to think now. Lymphoma? Autoimmune diseases? Ooooooh I dont want those.:eek: Is there anything out there as good as a vasectomy to stop from having children (other than abstinence)?

    Both my parents died from cancer. I'm a ticking time bomb, and not worried about that at all. I know I'll die from it eventually, I've accepted it.
  13. sugarmaggie

    sugarmaggie ~Green Eyed Devil~

    Aww, sweetie I'm sorry to hear about your parents. I lost my mama to lung cancer two years ago, and I'll never be the same after that. She was my angel. Anyway, yeah, I'm a woman, but I never wanted kids. I grew up an only child and was spoiled rotten as they come. Now that I have them I can't imagine my life without them. I see so much of myself in them, and it's the most amazing experience in the world. You will never experience an unconditional love such as that..never. Don't cross it out yet..just give it time. You shouldn't even be worried about it yet. Just make sure you use plenty of protection. One day you may change your mind, just maybe. Much love to you, and again, I'm sorry to hear about your loss.
  14. browneydgrl

    browneydgrl Member

    what if you meet the most incredible woman one day and all of a sudden it hits you that you'd love to make a baby with her...a reflection of the beauty and love you found in each other?

    or not. but i would seriously consider freezing your sperm.
  15. flake

    flake Member

    sadly to say your a moron, your probably too imature to make this decision. Wait till you get older. After all... if you dont plan on ever having kids, you serve no purpouse as a human being.
  16. Hootch

    Hootch Member

    That's pretty harsh. There is more to life than procreation. Being most of us humans are thinking creatures, we can make that decision for ourselves, not be driven by animal instinct to procrate. Besides, there is a population to resources problem on this world.
  17. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    there's a book called taking charge of your fertility. it's written for women, but i think if you read it, you'll learn a lot about women's fertility (which is something that all guys should know about anyways). You can tell when a woman is fertile and avoid having sex during her fertile times. read the book!!

    ps, you should always use condoms, etc to prevent std's anyways unless you're in a long term monogamous relationship, and even then....well...


  18. browneydgrl

    browneydgrl Member

    im glad someone responded to that "if you dont have kids you serve no purpose as a human being" comment. its just ignorant. i believe we are trying to convince small brown that he may have regrets later if he gets snipped...not that he'll fail at life for not increasing the population
  19. xaosflux

    xaosflux Sysop Lifetime Supporter

    Couple of comments here:
    1: gettins a vasectomy is NOT nuetering (in case you weren't jsut being sarcastic there)

    2: IMHO 20 is a little young to make that decision

    3: If your in the "ill just freeze some sperm for later in case i change my mind' camp, then you ARE NOT READY..it means that you are not ready

    4: nimh: the 'rythem method'? hmmm i wonder why catholics have such big famillies!

    5: in the end it is all your choice, so think hard, and best wishes with whatever you do!
  20. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~


    read the book!!

    it's not what you're thinking of at all


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