I'm Creating a DreadLock Information thread

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Electricbuddha, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Electricbuddha

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    Okay so I am going to be creating a Dreadlock information thread

    A place for ANYONE who has questions about dread locks in any way shape or form they are free to ask.

    Any one from parents that are concerned for there son/daughter getting dreadlocks to old DreadHeads to yet to be DreadHeads to new dread head’s.

    Now my reason for this is to hopefully eliminate the majority of new threads being created on dreadlock information, (which there are many) and narrow it down to a friendly place for every to share and love with information and guidance.

    Okay..! soo now that I have said this! I was looking for a place to start my new thread… I definitely do not want to place it under Fashion I want to place it under

    “Alternative Lifestyles“ but there is no real appropriate place under that section for this..

    I would love to place it under a spirituality section but to my surprise I couldn’t find that either! Soo I think I might just place it under “Bare it” since it is should be something tat people are proud of showing and having but not egotistical, just letting it be accepting it but not flaunting it. And baring it! Hehehehe

    Sooo let me know what all of your opinions are about this :)

    Peace, an happieness

    Take a Gander at Info -DREAD- Thread:
  2. akiber88

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    i like the idea.......... besides, dreadlocks are awesome
  3. drumminmama

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    fashion has all the folks asking? why be elitist?
    take your knowledge where it's needed OR cough up $10 and be a supporter with a personal forum.
  4. skankleft

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    That's an awesome idea! I have posted threads about dreads before and I always see them around so having just one thread would be great. I am always wondering many new things about dreads and love learning more about them.
  5. Electricbuddha

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    Oh believe you me.......I am putting my knowledge els where, BUT this takes no effort to help people with some question's.. this is an internet forum..

    I put forth much knowledge But more learning and growing toward my community with environmental work and other programs bringing positive change, and Non-Violent communication. And many other thing’s like Volunteering at Food not bombs.
    Any way I'm not doing this for fashion. i don’t believe dreads should be a fashion. I learnt the hard way........ People just get soooo much mislead information on dreadlock’s for example using WAX.. its a fashion statement.. I want to help eliminate bad propaganda from Salons and Hair company’s that are only in it for the money and fashion.. i my self would just love to give and give my knowledge out just to help and be happy..

    Besides i am having a hard enough time "Coughing" up 500$ for my rent this month!... im sorry i cant help out….

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