Illuminati or... rich Zionists or...?

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by AmericanTerrorist, May 6, 2013.

  1. So, if you believe there are really powerful people in charge controlling everything and wanting a one world government do you tend to go with the term illuminati or Zionists... or NWO? Or the Zionist Illuminati working towards a NWO? Or do you think they are reptiles of some sort? Or evil people who have sold their souls to the devil and secret societies? Like... is it more supernatural in one way or another (devil...reptiles) or more the Zionist bankers? Or a combination of both and can you explain how they tie in together in your mind?

    I know what I believe and which terms I do or don't use when thinking or discussing (hint, I do not use the term reptiles or buy into the reptilian shit). I do tend to get a little confused at times of how the Zionists tie into the devil, even though I know they are the "fake Jews" if you will. Anyways I like to read other people's thoughts on this.
  2. Fairlight

    Fairlight Banned

    I watched a ton of conspiracy films on youtube a while back.Been all through the Illuminati,NWO.The whole caboodle.It was a real downer and filled me with a lot of negative energy so I just decided to forget it all and ignore them.Whatever they try to do,I don't think the people will let them get away with it.But they do have insidious means and ways to push certain agendas.It's true to say though that at the top the banking system,shadow governments and probably certain criminal cartels are all in it together,but I'm not going to let anyone tell me what to think,create,or do.To some extent I think it's all a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy - but it's not over till it's over.I would definitely demonstrate over certain issues,and communicating,sharing information and exposing this shit through the more enlightened media channels and of course the internet is a useful tool.Zionism is a very right-wing entity.There are many good jews in Israel and across the globe who actively oppose it.Of course I could be completely wrong and there could feasibly be some hellish "1984" "Brave New World" scenario on the horizon if we hit peak oil production,further financial crises,severe depression,mass unemployment and the resulting civil unrest that could ensue.Conspiracy theorists like to argue that all this calamity has been artificially created so the NWO or whatever you want to call them can come down on the people with jackboots and the iron fist.I don't know.I like to think these people,call them the "1%" if you like,retain some semblance of civilisation in whatever plans they may have.I mean they already have control of the political structures,infrastructure and material base,so why would they want to fuck it up for themselves and create violent civil unrest? I don't know.I think it is more likely that we will see more subtle forms of control like a critical mass of brainwashing techniques effected by the ideological state apparatus,so that people come to censor themselves and begin to accept the bullshit in such a way that they don't even see what is really happening.I'm a bit of a situationist at heart (look it up) and in my head some of my reactions to things I see can get pretty incendiary.Other times I just go with the flow and not worry about it.There are alternating currents at play in this big wide world of ours.It's hard not to let it all get you down,so I just live in hope and focus on trying to make good connections with people and keep on trying to feed the good wolf.
  3. Thanks for your input. So, would you say that the Zionists are a part of the Illuminati and that it is all the same... the Zionists, Illuminati- secret societies/devil worship, the old bloodlines... like are they all the same or are there various factions that work separately or some ppl believe it's some of these things but not all of it? I tend to just use the term Zionist Illuminati but idk... sometimes I just say "the ppl who run things"- easier that way.

    Oh and about what more they want- I believe they want to reduce to population to a certain, much smaller amount of people who will basically go along with them and do their bidding and basically be their slaves and not put up resistance. That is why situations are created to create wars and put the UN in, well, every place on the planet- so that the NWO is already in place everywhere and ready to go.

    But yeah I guess sometimes I don't know if this is all one group or more than one group. Probably many of them don't know who else exists.
  4. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    Zionists are just one facet of it, but they definitely make up this group of people, which go under various different names. I refer to them simply as the "elite." Illuminati has a ring to it that sounds too conspiratorial and puts people off. Really, it's just a blanket name for the shadowy group of people who run the world by way of politics, finance, religion, education, corporations, media, etc. I actually believe that the real center of power lies behind the Vatican, and this is where the entire global monetary system can be traced back to with the Knights Templar.
  5. ariekanibalie

    ariekanibalie Member

    It's called finance and big business. 'They' are actually quite candid about their agenda for the little guy, nor do they make much of a secret about who 'they' are - there's these magazines like Quote, Forbes, etc. where the real elites of this world are entirely outspoken about their plans. There's also a zillion quality books on the political economy of globalization and market integration - and what these terms actually entail for those losers who have to work for a living.

    But this is not the type of explanation the conspiracy theorist wants. It's boring. You want to read about blood oaths and strange rites with sexual overtones performed at midnight in Masonic lodges in hidden locations. You want to know they are 'bad', 'evil incarnate', etc.

    Conspiracy theorists inhabit an intellectual ghetto consisting all but entirely of references to other conspiracy theory. Unlike proper - or what you would pejoratively call 'mainstream' studies of history and political economy, which are tied to rigorous standards of citation and verification, lest they be chastised by their peers for sloppy thinking. You are like persons who want to understand 'the meaning of life' - but have decided beforehand not to venture out of the New Age and Spirituality book section.

    Oh, and though you might think it because of my superior grammar and reasoning: I am not Jewish.
  6. illuminati and NWO i use. but fuck all you sheeple, better give up your guns if u want to be safe!!!

  7. Well, I get annoyed when I just read stuff about devil worship, evilness, and all that stuff (and not even gonna get started on the reptile, alien shit)... but anyways yeah, what PR said about just calling them "the elite", I think I like that. I just think of them as the Zionists, ppl in finance, etc.

    Anyways will read and reply to this later... gotta run for a bit and kinda just skimmed over things.. oh wait, one more comment about the word "illuminati"- I can't go anywhere lately it seems without some random person asking me if I've ever heard of the illuminati... there are signs on the streets everywhere here and just people everywhere either telling me they believe in the illuminati or being like "my bf is into all this illuminati conspiracy shit" ... but then they talk and quite clearly think it's aliens, reptiles or something to do with the antichrist, secret societies, etc.- it's kinda annoying. Oh and they always tell me the illuminati killed tupac...always. Anyways... more later

    (Matt- Vatican more then the UN or NATO, etc?)
  8. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    So your in the Alex Jones camp? I believe in conspiracy's but reptilians are just too out there. Reptilians are just one of many non-human species and there is as much evidence for them as anything else you mentioned. Like with everything else the hints are there if you want to put it together. What makes them so hard to believe? Is it because it would mean the human is less special by the mere fact that he is not alone in the universe?

    You have to remember humans can only perceive a very small portion of reality. In the same way a dog can not see color or a snake only "sees" heat when we as a human could precieve more then these two animals. Much exists in the realms we can not see.
  9. Yeah, Alex Jones makes a lot more sense then David Icke. I read a book by David Icke before and I just couldn't take it seriously. I start thinking "this makes sense" and then... "umm.. no- now this just seems like a joke". Just seems absolutely crazy. I'm not saying it's def. not true. Just... hard to believe. And what ARE the reasons for the reptilian theory?

    And no, it's not that humans would be "less special". I already know this universe is barely a speck in the scheme of what's out there. I kinda like the feeling of feeling small, so not it.. just believability...
  10. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I think the rich are in control, but I don't use terms like Zionists, Freemasons, or Illuminati.... just sounds batty ;P
    They're just greedy rich bigots.
  11. FlyingFly

    FlyingFly Dickens

    Rich people rule the world.
  12. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    aye the class-conscious super rich. most other terms imply a degree of organisation and co-operation that i've yet to be convinced exists, really.
  13. yeah i think that's the thing.. to what degree are they organized? and if you do think they are organized exactly who are they?
  14. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    a lot of conspiracy theories tend to presume a deliberate plan being enacted over an incredibly long period of time by the super, mega-rich (most of whom got to where they were by shafting each other continuously), with never (or rarely) a single mis-step, miscommunication or deviation. demonstrating truly superhuman levels of co-operation, organisation and forward planning. its easy to see why people are cynical.
  15. rahu

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    before gooing into discussio nabout the illuminatti or rich zionist it woukld be good to read a pair of books by biagent,leigh,and licoln , holyblood,holy grail and the messianic legacy. these authors tried to sue dan brown for ripping them off in is book ,the daviinci code.

    the jist of the research is all the secret societies since the 10th century are based and created by a single source ,the priory of sion .this oranization was created in 1088 to protec pilgrims in jerusalem. te knight templars were there direct off spring and the priory contimued through the ages with the rosecucial, freemason,scottsh right free mason , illuminati all being their brain children.

    the purpose of the priory was to reestablish a monarchy based on the blood line of jesus.this is all familar territory with anyone seeing the da vinci code.

    so trying to disinguish who is who in secret societies is a ruse .as to modern zionism, one must keep in mind that modern zionism is rothchild zionism as they fianced the first zionist convention in basel.the erman jewish community did not want he zionist to meet in berlin hence baron rothchild had to go to switzerland. and to this day from bernake across the board rothcild zionist contro the finacial world.
    interestingly prince diana"'s mother was a rothchild jew . it may be diana was killed because she knew way too much

  16. autophobe2e

    autophobe2e Senior Member

    If i'd written something that was recogniseably similar to a Dan Brown book, i'd do me best not to draw attention to that fact :D
  17. Meliai

    Meliai Banned

    Ditto. If conspiracies surrounding the Illuminati are real and if the Masons tie in, then this plan was first enacted hundreds of years ago. I really don't think any rich and powerful person gives a shit what happens hundreds of years after they die. Humans are short sighted.

    I do think the world's richest have a lot of power and they work together in order to consolidate power, but the motivation is profit, not any kind of sinister long term scheme.

    I once read a book about the origin of every ingredient in a Twinkie. Processed food, now there is a good conspiracy. hundreds of various industries profit from processed food. So there definitely exists a web of power and profit, but I don't really think it gets more nefarious than pure profit motivation.
  18. FlyingFly

    FlyingFly Dickens

    Rich people rule the world because they have money. And you do anything with right amount of money.

    Others say that money doesn't give you happiness. Yeah, I'd rather cry sitting in my bugatti parked in my 2 billion villa rather than under the bridge.
  19. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    they rule nothing..
  20. unfocusedanakin

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    Reptilians are actually more native to planet earth then humans. The reason for this being that they were already here when another another alien race decided the genetically modify the ape and turn it into what we would now call a human. The "garden of eden" from the reptilians point of view is very simple they told the humans that they were a slave class made to mine to gold. So of course the bible whose stories can be dated to even before the bible will have a negative view if you want to look at from the perspective of the bible being written by beings who don't want to mine gold so you engineer what you consider to be a lower class being aka a human, and then another races comes along and informs the slaves they are being fucked.

    Reptilians tend to think of humans as less evolved but there was still a long period of coexistence like in the days of Atlantis and before. But there eventually came a time when for whatever reason, humans started to rule the earth and the Reptilains began to live underground. They eventually realized that even though we ruled the surface that we had come to fear them. And that fear is not totally unjustified.

    The human brain was purposefully engineered to be a much easier "lock" so to speak then most other species of the galaxy. So there are many alien species that could have a field day in your head if they wanted. You probably would never know if you were talking to a reptilian because the human mind is like an open box to a reptilain. It is very easy for them to make you believe you are talking to a 6' tall person when your talking to an entirely new species. The CIA actually did experiments on it in the 1960's..

    Many of them don't play with humans because to them it's like animal abuse but some of them will. They have a upper class just like we do, and those two upper classes have a mutually beneficial arraignment. What that arraignment entails I don't know.

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