I'll be on the road, wanna meet?

Discussion in 'Camping/Outdoor Living' started by oleandermoonfyre, Jan 23, 2005.

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    I live in KY and (I'll check with my husband), but I think we could put you up for a couple of nights. We live in the top of KY and we eat meat but enjoy vegetarian foods a couple times a week (we could even accomodate a macrobiotic diet). PM me if interested.
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    I'm in awe man! What you are attempting will be impossible for most people to comprehend. I've done a fair amount of hiking, but nothing major backwoodish, but from my experiences I can sort of see how difficult this is going to be. I am looking forward to reading your website. I'd like to know more about your over all plans as far as budget and itenerary.

    Heck, I am having difficulty just trying to get my plans together for a year long journy around the U.S. in a vehicle and here you are planning to cross it hiking barefoot. I plan to hike many trails at the places I visit, but I just can't imagine it being my only source of travel.

    I wish you a great journy and hope you find what your looking for. I know exactly how you feel about todays society because they are the same reasons why I am planning my trip.

    Don't know if you heard of Steven Newman, but he walked over 10,000 miles around the entire world. Might be a good idea to check out his book to gain some helpful insight to what it's really like hiking for that long.

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    Cool shit man. I'm also in awe, like mhr, but I'm also planning on a trip like this next summer. I don't have a destination, I think I might just wander around, head west. But yeah man, I totally support the idea :)

    Another guy who did a lot of walking was Peter Jenkins. Wrote many books, "Walk Across America" "The Walk West" are of the trip across the US, in two parts. There are others but I haven't read them.

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