I'll be in A'dam on the 26th, But I want Friends Everywhere!!

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Sweet_Sangria, May 24, 2004.

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    Hey kids..
    My name is Jessica, I'm 22 from California, and I will be coming to Holland on the 26th... i want to travel through as much as Europe as possible, but I would like to know people to visit so i can maybe smoke a bowl or have coffee with new friends... I am also looking for kind people willing to let me spend some time in their homes :D I am more than willing to earn my keep...

    I have a post on the Amsterdam thread that goes further into my spiritual/social/political views in case you happen to be interested... I am not your average American :)

    Oh, yeah.... I haven't had much experience with European boys, anybody care to enlighten me?? :cool:

    Email me or send me a PM, jade_banana@yahoo.com


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