Iis it possible to get a tattoo on the tip of your penis?

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by express, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. express

    express Member

    I was wondering this.I dont know if i would get it done though.
  2. im sure it is possible. probably very painful, but possible. another question, would it look ok with changes in the size of the area as your penis goes from flacid to erect?
  3. i_like_acid

    i_like_acid Member

    y would u want to?
  4. express

    express Member

    I was just wondering is it possible.
  5. KyndMama07

    KyndMama07 Member

    Yep, it's possible. And as artistic as it may be, I would think that the pain would be almost more than it's worth.
  6. ive gotten the inside of my pussy tattooed..haha
    and idk. it hurt like a bitch so if ur up to something like that. idk...
  7. lozzyjay

    lozzyjay Member

    oh my god... that tattoo is so funny! Yet awesome at the same time...
  8. dances in pajamas

    dances in pajamas strange little girl

    HA! That tattoo is sweet! But yeah, I think you can tattoo pretty much every inch of skin.
  9. toolmaggot

    toolmaggot Nuts Go Here.

    I'd want to get Jesus tattooed onto the end of my dick so I could knock up nuns.

    That'd give me some pretty hefty bragging rights.
  10. Barbuchon

    Barbuchon Member

    I want a heart tattooed on the tip of my penis, so when I erect, the heart goes bigger. The tattoo isn't long to make so there's no big deal about it without going trough serial pain.

    The question is, why would you not want it, it's no different than having a tattoo on the arm, it's only ink in the skin. The question is, how much you really want it to get it done.
  11. squirell tree

    squirell tree Member

    yes its possible
  12. Creek

    Creek Apple Pie

    Absolutely, Seen One Myself By A Great Friend Who Is An Artist...Did It Himself, And Said The Pain Wasn't As Bad As He Expected...Tatooed Three Bones On The Area, And Has Never Regretted It. To Each Their Own, I S'pose.........

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