Ignorance about Marijuana

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by boothy, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    I'm sick of it. I don't know why I'm posting this, just to vent my anger to people who understand really.

    I have got this a lot in real life, and other forums... the usual ignorant rubbish:

    "anyone who does pot is a stoned out loser, gonna end up on the streets"
    "you do pot? shit kid, you might aswell inject smack now you idiot"
    "what if you took too much pot eh? and you overdosed? how would you're family feel?"
    "you put a pot joint in your mouth, take 5 years off your life"

    and one that's just funny:
    "I bet you just spend all day snorting pot"

    Asides from the last one, which is just stupid, I get the others all the time. Drilled into me. People who believe the government bullshit.

    I've had people tell me to get my facts straight when I say ciggerettes are more dangerous for your long-term health than marijuana.

    It's sickening. I'm fed up. I don't believe it's righ tor wrong to smoke MJ. It's a personal choice.

    I accept their choice not to smoke it, why can't they accept mine to smoke it?

    rant mode: off
  2. jojoeyes

    jojoeyes kinda high

    nice post.

    i hate people who are so closed minded. "it's illegal" a churchkid once told me. "yeah and in rome being a christian was illegal and the punishment was being eaten by lions in a stadium of people. would you not be a christian if it was illegal?"

    that shut her up. lol.
  3. goofydrummer

    goofydrummer Senior Member

    im not trying to be a dick jojoeyes but you dont have to post on every single thread. i mean you only post on the mj forums and you dont even smoke.
  4. jojoeyes

    jojoeyes kinda high

    haha yeah i know...i'm usually busy online so i dont visit the other ones and mj is what my mind has been on lately.

    DICK! lol
  5. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    He's cool as far as I'm concerned mate, he only wants to learn, and it wasn't a bad contribution to this thread either.

    Just hurry up and get some weed jojo! Spread the joy!
  6. aesther

    aesther Member

    haha i think it's cool, better he learn from here than make some bad mistakes

    jojo you ever heard of a website called www.erowid.org?
    theres a lot of info about drugs there and i dunno if you've heard about it....theres a lot of info on mary jane there and it would be a good idea to read up on some of it...cuz theres tons of info
  7. Marokko

    Marokko Member

    AMEN, i hear all that all the time from people! im sick of it also! people are so arrgant of pot, aspecually my old friends :S. They need to try it to judge it.
  8. Mr MiGu

    Mr MiGu King of the Zombies

    whats even worse are those that are ignorant about the ill effects of mj
  9. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    ^No - that's bad, but not worse than people saying the stuff that I posted in my first thread. All of it I have heard time and time again. People thinking pot is almost as bad as smack.; Stupidity, pur ignorance.
  10. deadonceagain

    deadonceagain mankind is a plague

    last year i argued with a kid for like a hour that pot doesnt kill brain cells, everytime he tryed to use a differnt fact or something like "well you kill brain cells from the inhailing of any kind of smoke"...wait a mintue what about all those people who smoke cigs i dont see them walking around brain dead from smoking there 1-2 packs a day,just living kills more brain cells then all the bong rips an average smoker will take in all his days of smoking,then he tryed telling me it caused cancer like 80 time worse and faster then cigs, i mean come on man do you even know what THC(or anything other chemical in weed) does...
  11. jojoeyes

    jojoeyes kinda high

    nine posts in thirty minutes.

    people here cant stand the close mindedness
  12. Mr MiGu

    Mr MiGu King of the Zombies

    unless you say anything bad about pot
    then closemindedness begins to flourish
  13. Marokko

    Marokko Member

    What the url to the thread? i wanna see the arrogance...
  14. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    unfortunately true.
    its a great herb! and all those people are idiots. but so are the people who say theres nothign wrong with weed and it doesnt turn into habits that ruin peoples lives and it doesnt cause mental illness and yadi yadi ya
  15. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    ^Yeah, but I never said pot didn't have it's faults :D

    and MArokko, they ar eold threads now, I don't have the links. But it is also said to me in real life a load of times.
  16. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    yeh but lots of ppl do

    anyway, if your interested, read it. i would ammend certain sections now but ill leave that for a complete rewrite another time
  17. boothy

    boothy Senior Member

    Read what? Sorry I think I'm missing somehthing?
  18. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    oops wrong thread

    i mean, yeh your right
  19. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    what, did you do that cuz you were all stoned out on pot? huh, you little stoner?

    jk itwas a complete joke

    ignorance of the negatives of weed fuels ignorance of the positives. the people that do that can be examples for propaganda.
  20. jojoeyes

    jojoeyes kinda high

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