if your not satisfied with the current politicians...

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by shaggie, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    ...a great solution is to vote for the most outrageous, shallow-minded, flippant, inexperienced, intolerant, racist, gay-bashing candidates to solve our problems.

  2. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    haha :D

    Or just not vote at all, then bitch about it.
  3. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot truth

    Voting is a "joy buzzer" device- like a switch or button attached to a wall but otherwise not connected to anything- designed to fool the voter into believing that he or she is making a difference.
  4. Chapter13

    Chapter13 Member

    you could do that sure... but yer'll end up with Palin as president...
  5. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    NO. Not Palin! All the dontchaknows and ehs and okie dokies.
  6. Heat

    Heat Smile, it's contagious! :) Lifetime Supporter

    I was sure that was what we were already doing! ;)
  7. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    I am voting in our municipal election next week. Yes, I vote. Last time I voted against the current mayor, because I didn't like him...he won, but it was much closer than the first time he won. He isn't running this time, he knows damn well he won't win. It isn't always about winning, sometimes it just sends a message that you care and you're not giving your votes to that person.

    Voting isn't just a joy buzzer, unless your government is pretend...if nobody votes, the government will just think the population is too lazy to care what they do.
  8. boguskyle

    boguskyle kyleboguesque


    i'd rather write in Mickey Mouse on the ballot. :mickey:
    i know someone that actually did that.
  9. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    It's a vote and it sends a message better than sitting on your ass does.
  10. McLeodGanja

    McLeodGanja Banned

    You mean, like Nick Griffin?
  11. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    But the American government kind of is pretend.

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