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Discussion in 'Humor' started by Tjotjog, Apr 28, 2007.

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    ...I could use your vote!

    My blog, Pointless Drivel, is up for Best Humor Blog in the Blogger's Choice Awards. Currently I am in second place behind a blog that is...um...not as funny. I suspect the influence of aliens, or terrorists, or both.

    You can check out my blog and if you like it, register and vote here.

    I could lie to you and play on your sympathies and tell you that I am a war veteran and a triple amputee and I am homeless and friendless and I have the mumps, and that I have nothing left to live for in this world except this award, but I feel we have gotten off to a good start here, and our relationship has a chance to blossom into something really special, and so I won't jeopardize that by lying to you right off the bat.

    Plenty of time for that later.

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