If you ever wonder...

Discussion in 'HipForums Poetry Contest' started by Smorris86, Jun 9, 2021.

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    If you ever wonder what made your world turn so dark
    or how it all changed and fell apart
    If you ever wonder where the love and light went to
    when just last night you didnt have a clue
    That every second you chose to forget i was there
    was like years to me and was becoming too much to bare

    If you ever wonder why i decided to leave just like that
    and once you realize im not coming back
    then slowly but eventually you will start to see
    that it was right there and you just couldnt be
    the man i thought you were yet turn away
    from the stress the lies or me every single day

    If you ever wonder, why your heart is hurting more and more
    and you feel a way youve never felt before
    just know i protected you and never once turned my back
    even when all i got was played tormented and beaten black
    Still my love for you prevailed and it kept me holding on tight
    to the hope that one day you would change and make it right

    But you never did anything but trap my heart inside this hell
    and cause me to get lost and make me set sail

    So if you ever wonder why karma has fucked up all you have known
    and cry out why do you deserve to hurt and suffer alone
    Its because you were too selfish and too fake to love or care
    you chose to pretend to and take advantage of a woman who only had love to share
    and who would have given you the world and so much more
    but its gone now you shoved it out the door

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