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Discussion in 'Grateful Dead and Phish' started by coventry, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. coventry

    coventry Member

    Hey all,

    No one wants to watch the four of them come out on stage more than I do, but as I think about the rumors swirling around, I wonder what i'd be looking for if and when they do get back together.

    1. I'm listening to the energy of the Clifford Ball, of the mid-90's shows, even of the summer '04 run. I'm thinking of what Trey said after Big Cypress, of Phish having reached a peak above which there seemed to be nothing -- kinda like the Police aftere Synchronicity.

    2. Can Phish simply return to their old form without, as Trey warned, becoming caricatures of themselves -- as the Dead did in the early 90's?

    3. If not, what will they do? They'll have to play the "old" songs, but it's hard to return to an old lover and capture magic that most likely has become somewhat faded and misty.

    4. Will Phish want to revive the quirkiness of their "Olfactory Hues," "Maze," or even "Ghost" days? If it's anything like Round Room or even much of Undermine, than it's better off not being.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Night_Owl49

    Night_Owl49 Since 2006


    so they ARE coming back, it's just a matter of when at this point.

    Phish in 2004 was HOT. They proved that they still had it. And I like some of the new stuff; if you're just living in the past, life as a music fan must suck for you.
  3. I love phish but unfortunatly I only got into them this year but I do really wish I could see them live. It just seems like such an amazing experience...
    Like you said, perhaps they have reached their peek. But that doesn't mean they don't have a reason to keep on truckin'
    Of course, playing the same old songs gets boring so maybe a new album isn't totally out of the realm of possibility. But I guess when you're a jam band you can really take anywhere you want to go...
    Oh well, I hope they come back, wether or not they bring anything new
  4. coventry

    coventry Member

    I'm definitely not living in the past -- the most amazing phish for me was their 6.19.04 Piper, that 37-minute epic jam that showed what they could do. It had a careful construction and force that the great DWD jams of 96 and 97 hinted at, but weren't yet disciplined enough to reach.

    and i love where phish is going with "Scents," "Pebbles," and "Cave" and the like.

    A lot of phans have decried them as becoming a "three-chord" band and that's definitely not the case. However, take "Guyute" for example -- a classic blend of complex changes and tempos melded with incredible jamming -- like "Bowie," "Lizards," and of course, "Reba." Guyute was from the late 90's, the former three a decade earlier.

    I wonder if phish wants to go back to that?
  5. Night_Owl49

    Night_Owl49 Since 2006

    6/19/04 was definately a great show. Piper>Gotta Jibboo gave me chills.

    I actually prefer the summer 2003 "scents". Take 7/30/03 for example...that 30 minute scents is beyond words. The "new" scents is definately not up to par with that. But hey, it's still a cool jam.

    ah, we had a little misunderstanding it seems. [​IMG]

    Well, they are pushing a lot of 3 chord songs, but that doesn't stop them from going to insane places with 'em. I think they will do some creative stuff in the very near future...they'll definately try some new stuff out. I think this summer's tour will inspire some awesome songwriting.
  6. 4. Will Phish want to revive the quirkiness of their "Olfactory Hues," "Maze," or even "Ghost" days? If it's anything like Round Room or even much of Undermine, than it's better off not being.

    Any thoughts?[/QUOTE]

    You didn't like Round Room? Round Room was such a Phishy album. The album was a great blend of complexity and jamming. Seven Below, Pebbles, Waves, WOTC...etc....then it had those wonderful "blue" songs like Anything but Me, Friday, All of these Dreams, Thunderhead....that album is my foggy mountain album. it is perfect for a road trip thru the REDWOODS. Undermind was a half good and half bad. I hated the song "connection" but i loved "scents and subtle sounds" actually Scents is my favorite tune for the last while. so many great parts. the 30 min one from the end of the 04 tour is amazing!!!
  7. Night_Owl49

    Night_Owl49 Since 2006

    7/30/03 will always be the best "scents".
  8. i will have to check it out! it is such a great tune. the 03 summer ones are more of my taste, with that great long intro. i was kind of dissapointed that was cut in 04. but still a great song. i just can't wait to hear what is now "scents and subtle intro>scents and subtle sounds"....

    another great tune that has kind of been looked over by many is SEVEN BELOW....holy shit what great song. the album version is slammin! and the live ones get crazy. The SEVEN BELOW from vegas was one of the tightest power houses ever! then it went into a stellar ROCK n' ROLL> the best Mike jam of Boogie On, he thru down!!!!
    but SEVEN BELOW when played live, never got a great applause at the start but at the end, people were always flipping out to how good it was.....how quickly they forget....
  9. rphishin

    rphishin Member

    I like the scents from 7-13-03 at the gorge, maybe since I was there...
  10. i was there to! and yes it was a great scents...that was my first one live, and damn was it good! i can't wait for them to get back. i think alot of people overlooked alot of stuff of ROUND ROOM. Walls of the Cave and Waves are two examples of the fabulous Phish writing. some of their best jams post hiatus were of these songs. and damn were they good...check out the Waves from IT.....damn it is good!
  11. I was at that show in jersey. Chalkdust was amazing, i listen to that show alot. Its not like alot of Phish.
  12. TreePhiend

    TreePhiend Member

    The '04 tour was awsome. I saw 8/11/04 in MA which was crazy awsome. The next night while waiting in line to get into coventry they played the 8/12/04 camden show live on the radio and then coventry was, well it was weird, but the other two shows 8/11 and 8/12 were insane. The energy was CRAZY. On the topic of their last two albums I must say 46 days gets the job done for me. I don't know why but it just does.
  13. alot of people bad mouthed farmhouse when it first came out too...
  14. Coventry was kind of weird. how would you feel if you thought something you had for twenty years had to go away? they were in emotional shambles. and the vibe in the crowd threw out was kind of weird. everyone was in an odd state. it was rainy and muddy. but threw alot of the bullshit, there were some amazing jams, the entire first set of the first day.....the AC/DC Bag, the Wolfmans was insane, when mike and trey were right in eachothers faces jamming the funkiest groove....ooohh it was good! it was both.
  15. garcia95

    garcia95 Member

    I think that if they get back together they are going to try to change things so thats its not a bunch of people coming out to get loaded instead people who actually want to see the music
  16. 2cesarewild

    2cesarewild I'm an idiot.

    lol o rly?

    Anything billed under PHISH will attract those people, just like anything grateful dead would have...
  17. forest420

    forest420 Senior Member

    if phish reunited my life would basically be complete
  18. Jezmund

    Jezmund Member

    I think they are looking for something phresh and interesting. thats why they have to go out and do some musical exploration on their own for a little while.

    when they come back everyones gonna get blown away.
  19. stoney

    stoney Member

    yeah man that show was beyond words.

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