If only I could do this in real life!

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by peacefuljeffrey, Jan 6, 2005.

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    On Monday night, I had a pretty vivid dream.

    It's rare, but I actually saw myself in a full-length mirror.

    I was standing there naked, and looking at myself with my right side toward the mirror. I had a raging erection! It was so potent that even as I was standing, it was arcing up toward my abdomen, lying along it.

    I found remarkable the fact that it seemed bigger than I remembered it being. I was kind of surprised at having never noticed before how far up my abdomen my erect penis reached.

    Suddenly it dawned on me: maybe it was long enough that I could reach it to suck on it!

    So that's exactly what I did, and I found that I could EASILY suck my own penis! So I went about doing exactly that, and not only could I reach it easily, I could deep throat it! I could actually get so far down that I reached the root. And then I ended up sucking one of my balls!

    Now, I'm heterosexual, but I kinda love my cock... and yeah, if I could suck it in real life, I surely would. This is not the first, or even third, dream I've had in which I could suck it. I guess this is a pretty strong subconscious issue for me. LOL! :D

    Oh, and let me tell you how disappointing it is to wake up from such a dream to the reality that you can't suck your own cock! :( Talk about a bummer!


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