if nudity were accepted...

Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by YogaOfLove, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. YogaOfLove

    YogaOfLove Member

    how do you think things would be if nudity was publicly acceptable...in terms of sexuality, emotions, and general feelings between people

    would it lead to a more tightly knit society (not having to worry about clothes, and justbeing there, exposing yourself to anyone)

    would there be problems?

    i like nudity in general, and am pretty comfortable about it (whether it being myself or some one else) just like to see what other people feel about 'how it could be'
  2. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    I think if just all of a sudden nudity was accepted, there would be tons of problems...​
  3. YogaOfLove

    YogaOfLove Member

    well not neccesarily just out of the blue accepted, i mean what if it were just accepted, like it had been how do you think society would be today what things do you think would change?
  4. al_from_mn

    al_from_mn Member

    I think if nudity were accepted, the sex crime rate would plummet. I see nothing obscene or forbidden about the human body. Btw, I noticed that you're from oshkosh. Isn't there a nudist camp there? I'm from St. Paul and I was just wondering.

    Peace, Al
  5. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    I was thinking like, what if it was completely extreme. Like you'd walk around naked all day, and you'd see someone on the street, and just have sex with them, right there. Just right in the street, like it was perfectly normal, because it would be normal. Like sex were shaking someone's hand or bumming a ciggarette or something.
  6. moonshyne

    moonshyne Approved by the FDA

    I don't think I'd like living there.....too many STD's, me thinks.
  7. Sax_Machine

    Sax_Machine saxbend

    It'd be weird because I can guarantee it would only happen in warm weather.
  8. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    I dunno, I wouldn't wanna sit in a chair after anyone...........ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!
  9. Pablo

    Pablo Member

    that wouldent really go with the nudity thing, out lips are exposed all the time but we dont make out with everyone. Besideds that would suck, sex would loose all its excitement and become very dangerous. If sex became like shaking hands then what would be like sex?
  10. EroticCookie

    EroticCookie Guest

    If it was accepted for the first few generations people would still wear clothing because shame has been planted into most people's minds. Then you have to look at the fact that clothing has became a way to express wealth. If we had the choice to be unclothed in socitey I think that a very little of the population would be comfortable with the change.
  11. Amontillado

    Amontillado Member extraordinaire HipForums Supporter

    You're possibly thinking of the headquarters of the Naturist Society. But I bet what happens in the office is much more about running an organization than getting naked.

  12. but actually wouldn't happen, labor unions for clothing companies would spend millions to keep jobs for workers.
  13. Astaroth

    Astaroth Banned

    You tell me - would it be possible in this day and age at all? IMO the society is too broken to accept nudity as a social norm.

    That's especially evident in the recent resurgence of media censorship and higher decency standards.

    Now I'm not saying I agree with this trend, but it might stick around longer than some of us wish...
  14. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    I can't see it happening, indeed since this post was started I see it less likely to happen. I'd be content with a few more places to swim or sunbathe nude.
  15. nakedman55

    nakedman55 Member

    It would be awesome to have a lot more public acceptance and tolerance of simple nudity, if it were to become legal in most public places it still would not be practiced by everyone, way too much modesty and fear instilled in the people, not to mention the perpetrators of that fear, mainstream religeous groups, clothing unions would organize, not to mention almost any other place of employment would rally against it.
  16. dabla

    dabla Member

    I bet there would be a lot of clothed people preying on unclothed people. I'm not saying textiles are bad people or anything but a clothed mugger would have a great advantage over a unclothed person carrying only a bag or something. People going about there normal routines naked would be prime targets for people with bad intentions.

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