if condom broke?

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by 60'slover15, May 17, 2007.

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    If you have sex and the condom breaks and ur no were near ready to cum and its a trojan sperical condom. and its the 13th of may and her period ended may 1.

    ARe the chances of being preg high?

    I'm sry i posted this before but i forgot. I think everyone said it was a very small cahnce??
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    You need to get her on some other birth control or stop having sex with her. Why don't you look at your old post at that. And the chances are really high. A woman with a normal 28 days cycle ovulates on day 14. So she would be on day 13 and sperm can survive for awhile and get her pregnant still.
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    yes be he said that he hadnt even came close to cumming yet, and *usually* has almost no chance of getting someone pregnant, as pre-cum usually happens only slightly before an orgasm, and it was a spermicidal condom. This is assuming he pulled out as soon as it broke

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